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Citrus Simplified

Everything you ever wanted to know about citrus fruit & trees, including dessert, cuisine and cocktail recipes.

Oranges for Citrus Gift Baskets

What Types of Oranges Are Best for Citrus Gift Baskets?

Looking to buy or make your own citrus gift basket with oranges? Discover the best types of oranges to include in your next gift basket that everyone will love. Is... Read More

5 Holiday Citrus Gift Basket Ideas You'll Love

Looking for an awesome gift to give this holiday season? Continue below to learn more about citrus gift baskets and why they make the perfect present! Are you someone who has... Read More
Citrus Gift Basket for the Holidays
Persian Lime Juice Recipes

3 Persian Lime Juice Recipes You Need to Try

Add some zest to your cooking with lime flavoring. Here's 3 of the best Persian lime juice recipes to try today to complement your drinks, dishes, and desserts! Lime flavoring... Read More

Give the Gift of Citrus: 5 Ideas for DIY Fruit Baskets

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be looking for the perfect gift. Why not citrus? Here are some great ideas for homemade citrus fruit baskets. Looking for an easy,... Read More
Ideas for DIY Homemade Citrus Fruit Gift Baskets
Growing a Persian (Tahitian) Lime Tree

Persian Lime Care: Growing Your Own Tahitian Lime Tree

Persian (Tahitian) lime trees can grow up to 20 feet tall. Find out more about Persian lime care and how to grow your own healthy and abundant Tahiti lime tree.... Read More

What are Persian (Tahiti) Limes?

Persian (Tahiti) limes are a popular lime variety with a tart flavor that's wonderful for adding zest to your dishes. Learn all about this special lime below! Not all limes are... Read More
About Persian (Tahiti) Limes
Kaffir Lime Leaf Uses

The Many Uses of the Kaffir Lime Leaf

If your recipe calls for the Kaffir lime leaf, you may be wondering what it is. Well, it's not just for cooking. Discover all the uses of this incredible leaf below!... Read More

From Kaffir to Persian: Different Lime Varieties and How to Use Them

Not all limes are created equal. From Persian to Kaffir, there are actually quite a few lime varieties that serve different purposes. Learn about them below! Different lime varieties have different... Read More
Lime Varieties
Orange Gift Basket

3 Reasons Why an Orange Gift Basket Makes the Perfect Gift

Love receiving citrus fruit baskets? You can bet others love it too. Here are 3 reasons why an orange gift basket is the best gift to celebrate special moments. Florida... Read More

Top 5 Health Benefits of Persian Limes

Are Persian limes healthy? From vitamin C to antioxidants and more, Persian limes are bursting with nutrients. Read on to know more about their health benefits. Are limes healthy? Absolutely.... Read More
Top Health Benefits of Persian Limes

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