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Citrus Fertilizer: A Guide to Fertilizing Your Trees for Maximum Yield and Health

Citrus Fertilizer: A Guide to Fertilizing Your Trees

Citrus trees need a little help to perform at their best. Here's what you need to know about citrus fertilizer if you want to get the most out of your trees.

Growing a citrus tree in your backyard can feel like a real luxury. A healthy citrus tree gives you access to the freshest lemons, limes and or grapefruits to zest up your favorite food and drinks. But like most plants, citrus trees need some help to really flourish. 

Continue reading to learn more about citrus fertilizer, and what you can do to make your citrus tree grow to its full potential. 

When to Apply Citrus Fertilizer

Timing is everything, and when you fertilize your citrus tree is no exception. Generally, you should fertilize your citrus tree at least once every two to three months during your tree's formant periods of fall and winter. Then once every one to two months during the tree's active growth of spring and summer. 

When your tree gets older, you can skip fertilization during the dormant season, and only do growth fertilization once every two to three months. You can also decide when to fertilize based on your citrus tree's growth and physical appearance. If your tree is dark green, lush and holding on to fruit, then you don't need to fertilize it that often. 

You'll also want to fertilize your tree every other week with liquid of water-soluble fertilizer instead of a slow-release one. Make sure you start fertilizing in early spring and stop in the middle of the summer so your tree can slow its growth and get ready for the winter months. 

If you fertilize your healthy-looking tree too often, then it might produce inferior fruit. Citrus trees tend to be nutrient-hungry from when they bloom until their fruit is firmly set.

So be sure that you apply citrus fertilizer when your tree is in bloom, no matter what the health of your tree is. This will ensure that there are enough nutrients to produce fruit properly.  

You'll also want to watch for any signs of micronutrient deficiencies. Signs like leaves turning yellow while the leaves veins stay green. If this happens, apply micronutrients as needed or spray the leaves with fish emulsion.  

The Best Citrus Fertilizer 

All citrus trees benefit from a fertilizer that has a slightly nitrogen-rich or balanced NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) fertilizer with some micro-nutrients. Make sure your fertilizer contains iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, boron, and zinc.

Since citrus trees tend to have soil that is somewhat acidic, you might want to use an acidic soil, but it's not required. The best fertilizer for citrus trees is one made specifically for citrus trees. 

If you can't find a citrus fertilizer, then you'll want a fertilizer that has twice as much nitrogen as it does potassium and phosphorous. For example, a 12-6-6 ratio. 

Fertilize Your Citrus Tree Today 

Now that you know what's the best citrus fertilizer, and how to fertilize your citrus tree, make these changes today. With the right balance and attention, your tree will be growing beautiful citrus fruits before you know it.

For more citrus tips and tricks, be sure to check out our blog and our helpful, experienced citrus fertilizer & nutrition resources.

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