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Give the Gift of Citrus: 5 Ideas for DIY Fruit Baskets

Ideas for DIY Homemade Citrus Fruit Gift Baskets

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be looking for the perfect gift. Why not citrus? Here are some great ideas for homemade citrus fruit baskets.

Looking for an easy, thoughtful DIY gift that friends and family are sure to love? DIY or homemade citrus fruit gift baskets are a great way to spread holiday cheer, and unlike many other festive treats, they're actually good for you!

You can customize your fruit baskets in so many ways to make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Here are five tips to help you make a homemade fruit basket you will be proud to give. 

1. Choose a Nice Container

Choosing a lovely container is the first step in making a fruit basket that's as nice to look at as it is to eat. While traditional wicker baskets are a great choice, don't be afraid to get creative. Flower pots, elegant bowls, and nice boxes are all good alternatives

Make sure to pick the correct size container for the amount of fruit you want to give. You don't want the fruit packed too tight or the basket looking empty.

2. The Best Types of Fruits for DIY Fruit Baskets

The best fruits to use in a fruit basket are hardy and on the larger side. Small and delicate fruits like berries are generally not a great idea. There are many types of citrus fruits that are perfect for a homemade fruit basket.

Navel oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits are classic favorites. If you celebrate Christmas, you may be familiar with the tradition of Christmas oranges. You can also spice up your fruit basket with some more unusual selections like kaffir limes and kumquats

Make sure to choose fruit that is not quite ripe. This ensures it won't go bad before the recipient has a chance to eat it. 

3. Arranging Your Fruit

When placing your fruit in your chosen container, start by putting the largest and heaviest pieces on the bottom. Next, fill in around them with mid-size fruits. Finish up by placing the smallest fruits on the top, filling in spaces wherever necessary. 

4. Make a Fruit Arrangement

An edible fruit arrangement, or a fruit bouquet, can give your gift some extra wow factor. In order to create your own do-it-yourself arrangement, you can cut fruits into fun shapes. Then, place the fruit shapes on skewers in a way that looks festive. 

You can get more creative by adding other elements, such as marshmallows and other sweet treats. You could even dip some fruit in chocolate to make a decadent dessert. Place the ends of the fruit skewers into a nice flower pot or vase, and you've got a delicious gift that doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece. 

5. Adding Other Treats

You might want to add some other small treats to your fruit basket to make a well-rounded gift. Some things that complement fresh citrus fruit are nuts, dried fruit, and artisan cheeses. 

For a gift other than food, personalized accessories are always a heartwarming touch. Consider a serving plate or engraved cheese board with the recipient's initials or another personalized message. 

Giving the Gift of Citrus This Holiday Season

Do-it-yourself (DIY) or homemade fruit baskets are a classic gift, and citrus fruits help bring the cheer to the next level. Their bright colors and sparkling flavors are sure to delight everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

Rather not create your own gift basket or short on time? Check out our special limited-time citrus fruit gift basket delivered straight to your door. The gift basket is hand-curated, loaded with fresh citrus fruit from our grove, and includes a custom engraving on a Texas Christmas tree ornament with a custom logo and message of your choice!

Looking for more citrus gift ideas? Check out our citrus blog for helpful info and insights on citrus fruits, trees, recipes, and more.

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3 Reasons Why an Orange Gift Basket Makes the Perfect Gift

Orange Gift Basket

Love receiving citrus fruit baskets? You can bet others love it too. Here are 3 reasons why an orange gift basket is the best gift to celebrate special moments.

Florida is famous for its orange crop production at 3,330 thousand tons each year. But it isn't the only state to grow these sunny little fruits. California and Texas produce 1,880 and 115 thousand tons, respectively. 

While a vast majority of these crops end up in our grocery stores, many are reserved for an orange gift basket. Citrus fruit gift baskets are a smart solution for your crop as you can charge a premium for your fruit. 

Keep reading to learn three reasons why you should consider turning your orange crop into gift baskets. 

1. A Healthy Alternative 

Chocolate and sweets are overdone and played out. Plus, not everyone likes chocolate. Oranges are the perfect alternative to those super sweet confectionary concoctions. 

The recipient doesn't even need to be a health enthusiast to appreciate a gift of these all-natural balls of sunshine. Oranges provide a wide range of nutrients and dietary staples. 

Oranges are loaded with vitamin C. So encourage people to grab an orange and ward off the Victorian Disease or "pirate disease" known as scurvy

2. Celebrate Local Culture

It's important to support local businesses, and one way to do this by creating a locally inspired gift basket. Start by using locally grown oranges. Then pair it with other local-inspired and handcrafted goods. 

You could mix other citrus fruits and produce that you grow alongside your oranges. For example, we include red grapefruit, navel oranges, Meyer lemons, mandarins, and Persian limes in ours. 

Then you could include items such as a cheese board, specialty cheese, artisan honey, and baked goods. By partnering with other local businesses, you can reduce the production cost of your gift basket and increase your profit margin. 

Put all of the items you collect into a rustic wooden box, wicker basket, or shallow tin bucket. Finish the look of your basket with an artfully tied ribbon bow. 

3. The Perfect Corporate Gift 

Giving a corporate gift is a minefield. Give the right gift, and you foster a stronger relationship. Give the wrong gift, and you can potentially create a dark cloud. See these additional citrus fruit gift basket ideas for more inspiration!

Alcohol can be risky and not well received. Chocolate can get lost in the sea of other chocolatey holiday gifts. Cakes are hard to share and require consumption right away.

A gift basket of oranges will outlast all of these other options. It's easily shared among everyone in the office. Plus, employees can grab an orange and take it with them. 

Oranges are the perfect portable snack during the holiday season when everything else is overly rich. 

Create Your Orange Gift Baskets

Now that you know the benefits, it's time to grow your orchard and create your orange gift basket. Share these benefits with your customers and encourage them to choose an orange gift basket for their next gift.

Try giving your basket a theme such as local flavor. You can also theme your basket's ribbon to the current national holiday. Or, check out our hand-curated citrus fruit gift basket delivered to you straight from South Texas! 

Browse our citrus trees and citrus fruit collection to start growing or enjoying more healthy, fresh, and flavorful citrus today! 

Fruit Gift Ideas: What To Include In The Perfect Citrus Fruit Basket

Citrus Fruit Basket

Citrus fruits are healthy, smell great, refreshing, and perfect for gifts! Here are some magnificent fresh fruit gift ideas to use for your citrus fruit basket.

Almost 90% of Americans don't get enough fruit to eat. It's recommended that people get around two cups of fruit each day, and only 12% of people are meeting that goal. 

Not only is it a great gift for any occasion, giving someone a fruit basket as a gift can encourage them to be more healthy. Learn how to think up the best fruit gift ideas below for the next time you need to celebrate an occasion. 

Top Tips on How to Build The Best Fruit Gift Ideas

Handmade goods are becoming more and more valuable, with the rise of impersonal gifts and big box stores. Fruit gift ideas will help spark more imagination for your handmade gift.

Get Selective with Your Fruit

Do you know how to tell if an orange is perfectly ready to eat? When you're making your fruit basket, you don't want to get fruit that's already ripe.

You should be aiming for about a three to five ripening time with the fruits that you choose, so you can give it away and not be giving the gift of spoiled fruit.

It's All About Presentation

However you wrap your fruit basket don't use plastic wrap. If you want to say, "This gift is cheap and tacky," then plastic wrap is the way to go.

If you don't, use cello bags or cellophane wrap. Top it all off with a bow. A finishing touch will make your basket feel complete.

Don't Be Delicate

It's hard to include berries and small fruits inside your basket. Smaller fruits are much easier to damage, and aren't going to make much of a visual impact on your overall presentation.

If you do want to include small fruits, place them in another container inside the basket. You might also want to consider adding some kind of jam using those small fruits because it will last much longer than little fruits that tend to go bad more easily.

The Heavy Stuff Goes First

The arrangement of your basket is important. Just like you're doing a floral arrangement, the visuals of the basket are the first thing that the gift receiver is going to pay attention to.

The heaviest fruits go on the bottom of the basket, and then you can get increasingly lighter as you go on. Not only does this usually look better, it keeps your more delicate fruits from getting crushed under the weights of melons or large oranges.

Once you've created your fruit basket, you're obviously going to want to show it off. Take a picture and let everyone know how great you are at creating unique, beautiful, and useful gifts!

Know Your Citrus

If you're not familiar with the fruit you're using in your fruit gift ideas, check out our diverse selection citrus fruits straight from our US Citrus grove. 

Or, avoid worrying about creating your own basket and try out our specialty citrus fruit gift basket. Either way, you will have everyone loving your gifts for years to come!