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7 Reasons Citrus Fruits Are the Most Nutritious Fruits

Citrus Fruits Are the Most Nutritious Fruits

7 Reasons Citrus Fruits Are the Most Nutritious Fruits

Everyone knows citrus is good for you, but why? Here are concrete reasons why citrus fruits reign as the most nutritious fruits for your health and wellness.

Up to 90% of people aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables. As a result, people are missing out on essential vitamins and minerals.

While all fruits and vegetables provide helpful and healthy benefits, citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges are among some of the most nutritious fruits out there.

In fact, adding even a little bit of citrus to your diet can help you lose weight, have more energy, and perform better at work.

Ready to learn more? Here are seven reasons why citrus fruits are the most nutritious fruits.

1. Citrus Fruits Are Full of Vitamin C

Everyone knows that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. But many people don't understand just how important this crucial vitamin is.

Vitamin C plays a key role in many aspects of our overall health.

It keeps skin glowing and healthy and hair strong and luscious.

Vitamin C is also important for the immune system. A healthy diet of citrus fruits can help you avoid nasty colds and illnesses.

2. They Can Help You Avoid Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are immensely painful and may require hospitalization. Fortunately, the citrate contained in many citrus fruits can break up the formation of crystallized minerals.

Along with proper hydration (something else citrus fruits can assist with), a diet rich in citrus decreases your chance of suffering from a painful kidney stone.

3. They're High in Fiber

If you've ever snacked on grapefruit or tangerine, you were likely surprised at how filling these fruits can be.

This is because they're high in fiber, which promotes good digestive health. And since foods high in fiber slow down the digestive process, you're less inclined to grab that bag of chips or cookie.

4. It's Easy to Add Citrus to Healthy Meals

On its own, citrus is a wonderful, flavorful taste. But when added to your favorite dish? Well, that's a great way to improve any healthy recipe.

For example, you can add a little lemon juice to some fish or chicken for a high-protein, Omega 3-filled meal with a one-of-a-kind flavor.

Or sprinkle some lime on a salad to give that bland bowl of greens a nice zest.

5. Citrus Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

Research has found that a diet rich in vitamin C has the potential to alleviate or even prevent some of the most dangerous cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's.

How is this possible?

Vitamin C prevents inflammation throughout the body -- including the brain. This allows for better cognitive function and overall brain health.

6. They're Great, Low-Calorie Snacks

If you're looking to lose a few pounds, it may be time to hit the produce section of your grocery store. Making citrus a snack staple could help you shed that excess weight.

The average orange only contains about 65 calories. For reference, that's about the same number of calories as a single Oreo cookie.

But, as we mentioned earlier, the fiber in citrus allows you to feel fuller, longer, making it a smarter snack choice. Plus, oranges are high in protein, giving you a nice little boost of energy.

7. They're Low in Sugar

Fruit is nature's dessert. And while fruit doesn't contain as much sugar as a bowl of ice cream or a brownie, certain fruits, such as bananas and grapes, contain more sugar than you may expect.

Meanwhile, citrus fruits contain a reasonable, healthy amount of natural sugar so you can enjoy a sweet treat without ruining your diet.

Final Thoughts on Why Citrus Fruits Are the Most Nutritious Fruits

It's impossible to deny the many benefits of citrus fruits. These tangy, tasty treats aren't just the most nutritious fruits out there -- they're some of the most delicious ones, too.

Want to see how you can enjoy the benefits of citrus for yourself? Create an account today and learn how you can grow citrus fruits in your own backyard!

Juicing Lemons Like A Pro: 5 Expert Tricks For Juicing Citrus Fruit At Home

Juicing Lemons & Citrus Fruit

Do you have what it takes for properly juicing lemons and other citrus fruit? Turns out you just need some little-known juicing tips. Here are a few to get you started.


Fresh citrus juice is the best for cooking, baking, and mixing drinks of all kinds.

Plus, they have all sorts of amazing health benefits. Citrus juices are packed with vitamin C, a natural immune system booster

They also have anti-oxidants, which are helpful in preventing and combating cancer, heart disease, and degenerative diseases.

However, juicing citrus fruit isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. In fact, it can be positively frustrating.

When dealing with citrus fruit, such as lemons, juicing can be incredibly messy. Additionally, it's difficult to get all the juice out of them and not all over your hands.

Need help? Don't worry, we've got some answers!

Here are 5 brilliant tips for juicing lemons!

Freeze 'Em

Juicing lemons is much easier if you freeze them first. Now, you need to let them thaw before you actually juice them, but you'll be glad you did it!

Freezing lemons causes the juices within to expand. This breaks down the cell walls of the lemon. When it thaws, it will be softer and easier to squeeze!

Cut Length, Not Width

To get the most juice out of your lemon, try cutting the fruit down the length, rather than the width.

This will leave more surface area of the inside of the lemon. Cutting it down the length also makes the lemon easier to grip and squeeze. 

When juicing lemons by hand, this is the best bet to get the most juice.

Roll it Out

Similar to freezing lemons, rolling lemons out on the countertop will also break down the cell walls, make them softer and easier to squeeze.

Treat the lemon like a ball of clay you're trying to soften up. Don't be too gentle. However, if you press so hard the lemon bursts open, you're being a little too rough.

Pick the Right Fruit

A big aspect of success juicing lemons is picking the right lemon!

Go for the big, plump, and firm lemons. They will be the easiest to squeeze and the most rewarding. They should be bright yellow with no hints of green.

Any green color on the lemon suggests it is unripe, while a paler color of yellow suggests an older lemon which will have less juice.

If you're really on your game, you can plant your own lemon tree and pick lemons right off of the branches!

Use a Squeezer for Juicing Lemons

Of course, one of the most hassle-free ways for juicing lemons is with an actual juicer. Well, it's more of a lemon squeezer.

This squeezer is handheld and pushes nearly all of the juice out of lemon halves. If you're looking for getting as much juice as possible out of your lemons, this is the way to go.

Citrus Simplified

We love helping our customers get the freshest citrus fruit and trees on the market! There's nothing worse than coming home from the grocery store with bad fruit. You don't want to waste it but you definitely don't want to eat it!

Trust us to get you the best citrus fruit and trees out there for growing and juicing your very own lemons, limes, oranges, and more! We provide fast-growing citrus fruit trees you can grow indoors or plant in your own back yard!

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5 Healthy Benefits of Citrus Fruits You May Be Missing Out

Benefits of Citrus Fruits

There are several benefits of citrus fruits you can enjoy if you eat them daily. Continue reading below to learn more about these vitamin-packed fruits and benefits.

From 2017 through 2018, 49 million metric tons of oranges were sold across the globe. Oranges are a juicy way to boost your heart and brain health, and to lose a little weight, too.

There are lots of health benefits in all kinds of citrus fruits. From heart health to skin and hair perks, citrus fruits are packed with goodness. Read on and find out more of the benefits of citrus fruits.

Heart Health

While all fiber is good for you, soluble fiber is the one that helps to lower cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber plays a valuable role in heart health and weight loss. Citrus fruits have a very high ratio of soluble fiber to insoluble fiber.

Fighting Cancer

One of the health benefits of citrus fruits is their high content of cancer-fighting flavonoids. Flavonoids include powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help to block cancers from forming.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the benefits of citrus fruits that dieters have known for years. Citrus fruits are high in both water and fiber content, meaning that eating them makes you feel full. Their low caloric content makes them a very popular choice for weight loss


Everyone knows one of the biggest benefits of citrus fruits is that they pack a vitamin-filled punch. They are full of vitamins including C, B, and D and contain many vital minerals like magnesium and copper.

Brain Health

The flavonoids and antioxidants in citrus fruits fight brain diseases. Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are caused by inflammation and brain cell breakdown. Flavonoids, like apigenin and hesperidin, reduce inflammation and boost brain function.

Getting the Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits Daily

Even if you’re not a fan of fruits, you can still add many citrus fruit health benefits into your diet in any number of ways:

  • Enjoy them in easy to make recipes
  • Squeeze fresh fruits into juices and juice blends
  • Use citrus fruits as garnishes 
  • Soften citrus rinds and grind them into cookie or pancake batter

Starting your day with lemon juice is a great way to increase metabolism, fight infection, detoxify, aid digestion, and boost your immune system. Try drinking lemon juice in hot water for a soothing tea, or squeezing it into cold water for a refreshing sugar-free beverage.

There are also many additional benefits of lemon for your skin and hair.

Enjoy the Benefits of Citrus Fruits by Growing Your Own

Citrus fruit trees are not difficult to grow indoors. They need the right amounts of light, water, and temperatures. As they grow, you may need to move your indoor citrus tree to the patio or transplant them outside. Follow our complete instructions on planting, growing, and caring for your citrus tree.

Citrus fruit trees do very well in a variety of climates and are very easy to care for at home. Many kinds of citrus trees are sturdier and designed to grow anywhere. These varieties include grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange trees.

Check out our selection of ready-to-plant trees and see how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of citrus fruits in your own back yard. We also offer juicy hand-picked citrus fruit in gift boxes, delivered right to your door.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits should be a part of your regular diet. Read on to learn about the top six benefits of citrus fruits.

Every year, there are more than 120 million tons of citrus fruits produced all over the world. That makes citrus trees the most important of all fruit tree crops in the world.

In fact, the United States is one of the biggest consumers of citrus produce. Back in 2015, folks in the U.S. consumed 517,500 tons of oranges alone! That's about seven per cent of the entire global consumption.

After all, these fruits are so tasty and versatile they're perfect for dishes and drinks. For many of us, mornings won't be complete without a refreshing glass of OJ. Citrus fruits are great for low-cal snacking too.

But most important of all is the long list of health benefits citrus fruits deliver. We'll take a look at six of them, so make sure you keep reading!

1. Cancer-Fighting and -Protecting Properties

A Harvard study backs this up. It discovered components in citrus fruits that can reduce esophageal cancer risks. These components include Vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and folate.

Another study also found citrus tree fruits to have antiangiogenic properties. This means they aid in keeping the spread of cancer at bay.

The American Cancer Society also says these fruits help reduce stomach cancer risks.

There are many other studies that support these findings. But the above should be enough to get more citrus in your system!

2. Lower Risks of Stroke in Women

Many fruits of the citrus tree family are chock-full of flavanones. They're compounds that studies, like this one, have found to have stroke-reducing properties. They can help bring down the risks of stroke in women by as much as 19%!

Best of all, the list of citrus fruits containing these compounds is quite the long one! That means you have many options to choose from, aside from oranges and grapefruits. The Kaffir lime fruit is one such addition to your diet you should consider.

3. Helps with Weight Loss or Maintenance Goals

The mandarin fruit, as well as oranges and lemons, make for great weight loss snacks. Aside from the fact that they're rich in antioxidants, they're also low in calories. Plus, they boast high fiber and water content, which makes and keeps you feeling full.

4. Keeps Your Crown Healthy, Shiny, and Full

Two-thirds of American men aged 35 suffer from noticeable hair loss. But it's not a problem restricted to males. As many as 40% of those suffering from such conditions are females.

Lucky us then, because citrus fruit benefits include healthier strands! Aside from making hair less prone to breaking, they also help lower hair loss risks too.

5. Prevents Kidney Stone Formation

Low citrate levels in urine pave the way for the formation of kidney stones. The good news is, you can protect yourself from this by drinking more fresh citrus juices. Especially fresh lemon juice, which has higher citric acid content than OJ.

6. Lowers Stress Levels for a Happier You

Too much cortisol (AKA the "stress hormone") in your system makes your stress levels go up. Elevated blood pressure, especially in a high-anxiety situation, does the same thing.

If you find yourself facing triggers like these on a regular basis, load up on citrus fruits. Their Vitamin C content can help keep cortisol and blood pressure increases at bay.

Live Healthier with More Citrus Fruits in Your Diet

These are only six of the many other health benefits of citrus fruits. But they're amazing enough on their own to persuade you to get more of them into your diet.

To top everything off, many citrus tree species are easy to grow right in the comfort of your property! Learn how now with our in-depth citrus care guide.