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Everything you ever wanted to know about citrus fruit & trees, including dessert, cuisine and cocktail recipes.

Growing Key Lime Tree

Is it Key Lime Season Yet? Everything You Need to Know About Key Lime Harvesting

When are key limes in season? Whether you're looking to buy key limes or you want to know when to pick from your own key lime tree, this article is... Read More

4 Tips For Growing The Best Tube Trees

If you're up for a citrus tree gardening challenge, you may want to try growing tube trees! Check out these four tips for growing the best citrus tube trees. Growing... Read More
Growing Citrus Tube Tree
Dwarf Lime Trees Growing in Pots

How Tall Can Dwarf Lime Trees Grow in Your Backyard?

Interested in growing a lime tree? Find out how tall lime trees can grow here, and how you might want to grow a dwarf lime tree based on your preferences. ... Read More

6 Tips for Growing Lime Trees You Need to Know

Are you a fan of lime fruits? Growing your own lime trees is a rewarding and healthy experience! Below are six tips for growing lime trees you need to know! Growing... Read More
Tips for Growing Lime Trees
Homemade Organic Pesticides Spray for Citrus Fruit Trees

4 Effective Homemade Organic Pesticides for Citrus Fruit Trees

Multiple scientific studies warn that pesticide residue can cause chronic diseases. For that reason, homemade fruit tree sprays are widely used in modern farms. Growing citrus trees can be a... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Fruit From Your Citrus Trees

Citrus trees don't need pruning to fruit well, but they may need pruning to fit in your backyard. Here's how to produce lots of fruit from your citrus trees. Looking... Read More
Citrus Fruit Trees
How to Care for Key Lime Trees

How to Care for Key Lime Trees

Almost anyone can grow key lime trees  if you have the right information. Take a look at the main considerations for the growth and care of key lime trees below!... Read More

Citrus Questions: How Tall Do Citrus Trees Grow?

Curious about how tall different types of citrus trees can grow? Find out how tall citrus trees such as lemon, lime, kumquat and orange trees can grow below! Whether your thumb... Read More
Citrus Tree Growing
Fruit Tree Care Tips

Fruit Tree Care Tips: How to Properly Nurture Young Fruit Trees

New fruit or citrus trees are especially vulnerable and, if not properly cared for, can yield no fruit. Learn proper fruit tree care with expert advice here. There are many benefits to... Read More

What's the Ideal Lemon Tree Climate and Can I Grow Them Elsewhere?

Growing a lemon tree? Learn about the ideal lemon tree climate and how to get lemons to grow in less than perfect places. Check out the lemon tree tips below! Lemons... Read More
Ideal Lemon Tree Climate

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