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Kaffir Lime vs. Lime: How Are They Different?

Kaffir Lime vs. Lime

Kaffir Lime vs. Lime: Curious about the differences between kaffir limes and regular limes? Learn all the juicy details about these citrus fruits in this guide.

Did you know one lime can provide 32% of the vitamin C you need in a day? Consider adding limes to your meal plan today.

Are you uncertain of the difference between a kaffir lime vs. lime? Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over what makes these two limes unique.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out!

Kaffir Lime vs. Lime: A Guide

The lime season runs from March to September. During these months you can get limes at a lower price or plant your own lime tree. Trees could take up to three years to start bearing fruit in a warm climate. 

Cooking with Kaffir Limes

Kaffir limes are popular because of their fragrant leaves. They are a warty skinned fruit and don't give a lot of juice.

Their zest is less citrusy, but they do have a spicy lime fragrance and a woody note. The juice is sharp, and the zest is a little oilier.

People use kaffir lime leaves in Thai cooking and other Southeast Asian cuisines. It's an aromatic herb and delicious addition to stir-fries, curries, and soups. The thick leaves are shiny and dark green on one side and pale on the other.

If the leaves are still stuck to the stem, tear away the leaf with care. Cut the leaves into thin slices with clean scissors. Discard the central stem.

Cooking with Limes

Limes are a small green citrus fruit that provides peel and juice. You can add them to dishes for a tart and refreshing flavor.

Limes aren't often eaten alone because of their tartness. Instead, add them to sauces or spritz them over chicken and fish. They are low in calories and high in vitamin C.

Lime zest and juice enhances vegetables, fruits, and salads. Some people use the juice in a pie or garnish a beverage.

Buying Kaffir Limes and Limes

You can buy kaffir lime leaves frozen, dried, or fresh at Thai food stores. In Asian food stores, you can find them in the freezer section or produce section. Some larger regular supermarket chains may sell them.

Dried lime leaves aren't as flavorful as frozen or fresh leaves. A package of fresh lime leaves can last a year. Take one leaf out as you need them and wrap the leaves, returning it to the freezer.

Regular limes you'll find in most grocery stores. They are easy to find next to lemons.

Health Factors

Both kaffir limes and regular limes have various health benefits. People like to add lime juice to their water. This helps promote water consumption and improves skin quality.

Kaffir lime leaves are popular for oral sanitation. Read more about the healing properties of kaffir limes.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on a kaffir lime vs. lime insightful. For example, u you can test out kaffir lime leaves in curries, soups, and cuisines, and regular limes in drinks, sauces, and cuisines as well.

You can buy limes at the store or grow your own at home. Pick up a young, fast-growing kaffir lime tree from US Citrus today!

Interested in growing other types of limes? Check out our popular Persian lime trees and Australian finger lime trees to grow and try out different exotic varieties of lime in your drinks and dishes!

A Guide to Feng Shui Cleaning with the Kaffir Lime Fruit

Kaffir Lime Fruit

Did you know that the kaffir lime fruit has spiritual cleansing properties? Discover how it has been used in Feng Shui to clear negative energies.

When was the last time you felt a lime with a rumpled, bumpy green peel? If you said never what are you waiting for?

Unlike the limes used only in cooking and for making salsa and limeade, there's one also known for its spiritual qualities. Say hello to the kaffir lime!

Not sure why you'd use lime for something other than flavoring food and drinks?

Read our guide and discover how you can use Feng Shui and Kaffir lime fruit as a cleansing for the mind, body, and home.

Not An Ordinary Lime

Close your eyes and imagine the produce section at your local grocery. Find the citrus fruits. Breathe in and enjoy the clean aroma of lemons and limes.

What you’re smelling is likely the Persian lime (Citrus latifolia). If you’re lucky, you may enjoy the aroma of the Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia). And if you can smell either while reading, you have an excellent imagination!

You can find limes in almost every food market, but you can’t smell them unless you slice them open (or unless they’re not fresh).

The star of this post is the kaffir lime fruit—an extraordinary, but not common lime. The kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix) hails from Southeast Asia. It’s mainly used in cooking but is also valued for spiritual cleansing qualities.

Wander through an Asian food store, and chances are, you’ll find a selection of kaffir limes. Even better, grow your own lime tree!

Feng Shui and Kaffir Lime

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, uses kaffir limes for spiritual cleansing. People who practice Feng Shui do so because it brings balance, health, and good luck. Spiritual cleansing rids your body and your living space of negative energy.

If you need to cleanse the negative chi from your aura, use Kaffir limes. Limes help cleanse the mind and body of depression and anxiety. They also help restore chi when you suffer the loss of a loved one.

Kaffir limes not only rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, they help eliminate unpleasant odors from your living space.

Soak in a Spiritual Lime Bath

Looking for a way to cleanse your body and soul? Consider a spiritual bath. Spiritual baths are different from your normal soak in the tub.

This bath cleanses negative energy from the soul and at the same time, rejuvenates the body.

When preparing for a kaffir lime bath, first clean the tub and make sure you remove any soap or oil residue. Then, make sure your body is clean. That’s right—this is about spiritual, not physical cleansing.

Run a warm bath, crush several kaffir lime leaves and add to the water. Slip into the warm water and breathe in the relaxing, inspiring aroma of citrus.

Ready for Your Kaffir Lime Fruit Experience?

If you’re craving the sense of balance and improved health offered by practicing Feng Shui, why not start by enjoying the benefits of kaffir lime fruit from your own tree?

Whether you use the lime in cooking or prefer enjoying its spiritual cleansing properties, you can start today. While you can pick up several limes on your next shopping trip to an Asian food store, or a health food store, you can also grow your own kaffir lime tree.

For more articles on the benefits of growing citrus trees, visit our citrus blog today!