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Everything you ever wanted to know about citrus fruit & trees, including dessert, cuisine and cocktail recipes.

Lemon Trees Indoors Outdoors

Why Your Indoor Lemon Trees Belong Outdoors

Wondering why your indoor lemon trees belong outdoors? Find out more about when to move your indoor lemon trees outdoors for the best lemon growth below. We all know that... Read More

5 Simple Ways to Keep Lemon Tree Pests at Bay

You love your lemon tree, but so do pests like Aphids. Learn about the 5 simple ways to keep annoying creatures from sucking the life out of your lemon tree.... Read More
Simple Ways to Keep Lemon Tree Pests at Bay
Ideal Lemon Tree Climate

What's the Ideal Lemon Tree Climate and Can I Grow Them Elsewhere?

Growing a lemon tree? Learn about the ideal lemon tree climate and how to get lemons to grow in less than perfect places. Check out the lemon tree tips below! Lemons... Read More

Your Guide to All the Different Types of Lemon Tree

Did you know there are different types of lemon tree? Here is a handy guide to the different types and how they differ, including flavors, growth and more. Do you... Read More
Different Types of Lemon Tree
How to Plant a Lemon Tree and Help it Thrive

From Seed to Tree: How to Plant a Lemon Tree and Help it Thrive

If life gives you lemons, you must have a lemon tree. Wondering if there are special instructions? Learn how to plant your own lemon tree and help it thrive. They... Read More

USDA restricts the shipment of citrus trees to CA, FL, AZ or LA.

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Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.