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Everything you ever wanted to know about citrus fruit & trees, including dessert, cuisine and cocktail recipes.

Ways to Use Persian Limes

3 Ways to Use Persian Limes Like a Pro

If you're not using Persian limes already, you're missing out. Read on to find out about 3 ways to use this key lime and lemon hybrid citrus fruit like a... Read More

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Persian Lime Fruit

If you've never heard of Persian lime citrus fruit, you're missing out. Discover five impressive health benefits that Persian lime fruit can provide you here. We've all been taught that... Read More
Persian Lime Fruit Health Benefits
Persian Lime Fruit Cooking Recipes

3 Creative Ways to Use Persian Lime Fruit When Cooking

Looking to make a creative dish with Persian lime? Check out these three great recipes that use Persian lime fruit for unique and flavorful homemade cooking. Florida is the largest... Read More

3 Persian Lime Juice Recipes You Need to Try

Add some zest to your cooking with lime flavoring. Here's 3 of the best Persian lime juice recipes to try today to complement your drinks, dishes, and desserts! Lime flavoring... Read More
Persian Lime Juice Recipes
About Persian (Tahiti) Limes

What are Persian (Tahiti) Limes?

Persian (Tahiti) limes are a popular lime variety with a tart flavor that's wonderful for adding zest to your dishes. Learn all about this special lime below! Not all limes are... Read More

Top 5 Health Benefits of Persian Limes

Are Persian limes healthy? From vitamin C to antioxidants and more, Persian limes are bursting with nutrients. Read on to know more about their health benefits. Are limes healthy? Absolutely.... Read More
Top Health Benefits of Persian Limes
5 Interesting Nutrition Facts About Persian Limes

5 Interesting Nutrition Facts About Persian Limes

Persian limes provide interesting nutritional benefits that make it the perfect plant. You may be surprised by the unique health benefits of this citrus fruit! Did you know 90% of Persian... Read More

Eight Steps to Growing Persian Lime Trees in Containers

This citrus fruit is our specialty and the gold standard for use in cocktail drinks and cuisine! The Persian lime tree grows vigorously, producing fruit that are around 2-2.5 inches... Read More
Eight Steps to Growing Persian Lime Trees in Containers

USDA restricts the shipment of citrus trees to CA, FL, AZ or LA.

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Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.