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Meyer Lemon Fruit

Features of the Meyer lemon:

  • The Meyer lemon is thin-skinned with a bright yellow rind, which turns orange-yellow as the fruit ripens on the tree.
  • The lemons have a juicy, moderately acidic and flowery flavor with lots of seeds and can be difficult to peel.
  • Meyer lemon trees are prolific citrus fruit producers with incredibly fragrant and beautiful blossoms.
  • The tree grows lemons that are smaller and more cold-resistant than Eureka lemons.
  • The lemon juice tastes sweeter than a Eureka and provides an incredible, unique lemon flavor and scent. 
  • Meyer lemons are a hybrid of a lemon and mandarin and are less acidic than other true lemons as a result.
  • Meyer lemons make for a sweet and nutritious lemonade.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Features of the Meyer lemon tree:

  • A perfect ornamental tree for indoors or as a patio citrus tree.
  • The tree provides beautiful dense and dark green leaves.
  • The tree can withstand temperatures down to low 20 degrees F.
  • Meyer lemon trees grow half the height of true Eureka lemons and can be trained as hedges or espalier.
  • The lemon tree can grow delicious lemons indoors or out. Those in northern areas can successfully grow Meyer lemons indoors by avoiding freezing temperatures.
  • The tree can be moved into a pot inside your home in colder climates.
  • The tree provides a fresh, delightful scent and blossoms beautifully, with purple-tinged flowers.
  • The "Improved" Meyer lemon tree (the only Meyer Lemon variety we grow) is a virus-free version of the lemon tree imported to the United States from China. The original Meyer lemon tree was prohibited from commercial productions decades ago.
  • The Improved Meyer lemon tree has consistently garnered attention from horticultural and culinary enthusiasts. It took off in the U.S. partially due to its ability to withstand temperate climates and produce lemons throughout the year.

  • There is a recommendation that every garden in America should have a Meyer Lemon Tree!

Grow Your Own Meyer Lemons

  • The tree you will receive is micro-budded, non-GMO, and about 18-inches tall (not including root system) in a 1-gallon plastic pot. 
  • With proper care, your tree will bear fruit in one year. 
  • You will receive detailed video instructions on how to transplant and care for your new tree.

Enjoy the juicy and sweet flavor of your own naturally grown Meyer lemons!

Improved Meyer lemon trees from US Citrus grow twice as fast due to a patented micro-budding and grafting process.

Order your very own Meyer lemon tree today!

The Meyer lemon, scientifically known as Citrus × meyeri 'Improved', is a hybrid citrus fruit native to China. The lemon became widely grown in California by the mid-1940s. The Meyer lemon tree is perfect for growing an abundance of juicy and flavorful lemons both indoors and out.

Want to grow your own fresh Meyer lemons? At US Citrus, we offer the highest quality Meyer lemon trees around! Learn more about the Meyer lemon tree and fruit below.