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Mandarin Tree


The mandarin orange tree grows well-known, delicious citrus fruits that are easy-peeling and usually seedless.

Armstrong Satsuma Mandarin Fruit

  • Small round fruits with an easy-peeling rind
  • Cold hardy
  • Seedless
  • Excellent flavor
  • The fruit is usually medium in size with a thin, smooth rind that is reddish-orange at maturity
  • The flesh is a deep orange color, with a rich flavor
  • The mandarin orange variety is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and children

Page Mandarin Fruit

  • Wonderful rich flavor
  • Seedless, easy peeling
  • A cross between a Minneola tangelo and Clementine mandarin
  • Attractive tree and the one of the finest tasting mandarin
  • Very small to medium-size fruit

Clementine Mandarin Fruit

  • Small to medium size
  • Sweet, rich, aromatic flavor
  • Very juicy
  • Bright red-orange color
  • Holds well on a tree, easy to peel
  • Beloved mandarin variety

Mandarin Tree

  • The mandarin orange tree is very cold-hardy and drought-resistant
  • Year-round fruit production, with the peak season being autumn to spring
  • The mandarin tree is large, vigorous, and densely foliated
  • The tree has a tendency to alternate bearing with high fruit yield one year, then lower yield the next
  • Mandarins are seedless unless there is another mandarin tree within 50 feet and there are insects to cross-pollinate, then there will be seeds.

Grow Your Own Mandarin

  • The tree you will receive is micro-budded, non-GMO, and about 18-inches tall (not including root system) in a 1-gallon plastic pot
  • With proper care, your tree will bear fruit in one year


USDA restricts the shipment of citrus trees to CA, FL, AZ or LA.

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Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.