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Rio Red Grapefruit Tree


The Rio Red grapefruit is the official state fruit of Texas, with a smooth and sweet-sour flesh, the grapefruit tree produces incredible scents when blooming.


Rio Red Grapefruit

    • Rio Red grapefruits are some of the tastiest and juiciest grapefruits in the world.
    • Large fruit with yellow rind with a red blush.
    • The classic Rio Red grapefruit variety is widely known for its delicious pink-red fleshed fruit.
    • Juicy with a fine sweet and tart flavor, fairly easy to peel.
    • Fruit holds very well on the tree.
    • Introduced to the general public in 1984, the Rio Red grapefruit hails from the breeding program of the citrus legend Dr. R.A. Hensz from the Texas A&M Citrus Center.

Rio Red Grapefruit Tree

    • The grapefruits from the Rio Red grapefruit tree ripen between November to May.
    • The tree will start bearing sweet, tasty red-fleshed grapefruit in its second year.
    • Grapefruit has the highest heat requirement of any citrus.
    • Vigorous growing, large tree, with a spreading canopy, large dark green leaves.

Grow Your Own Rio Red Grapefruits

  • The tree you will receive is micro-budded, non-GMO, and about 18-inches tall (not including root system) in a 1-gallon plastic pot
  • With proper care, your tree will bear fruit in one year

USDA restricts the shipment of citrus trees to CA, FL, AZ or LA.

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Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.