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Australian Finger Lime Fruit

Features of the Australian finger lime:

  • The limes are colorful and slender, with small pulp and caviar-like vesicles.
  • Pulp can be extracted by squeezing one end of a finger lime after the other end is cut off.
  • The limes are often used as a colorful garnish for fine cuisine, cocktails, salads, and seafood.
  • The finger-like fruit is tart, round, and filled with juicy beads.
  • A firm fruit that's 6-12 cm in length.
  • The fruit is thin-skinned, with a shorter shelf life than other citrus varieties (~3 weeks).
  • Harvesting while wet will rupture the fruit vesicles and cause bruising.

Australian Finger Lime Tree 

Features of the Australian finger lime tree:

  • The lime tree is native to Australia.
  • A dense, bush-like lime tree that's very thorny.
  • Perfect for tight garden spots and across landscapes.
  • The finger lime tree is easily sunburned.
  • Slower-growing than other citrus varieties.
  • Produces cucumber-shaped limes that grow in large numbers.

Grow Your Own Finger Limes

  • With proper care, the lime tree will start bearing fruit in its second year.
  • You will receive detailed video instructions on how to transplant and care for your finger lime tree.

Fast-growing citrus trees at a great low price.

Order your very own Australian finger lime tree today!

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