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Homemade Organic Insect Control Recipe

Insect Control

Use the following regimen to control insects i.e., aphids, leaf miners, scale, spider mites, gnats, and caterpillars.

Clip off leaves affected by the insects.

Organic Insect Control Recipe

1/2 tbsp Spinosad

1/2 tbsp mineral or vegetable oil 1 tbsp Dish dawn soap
16 ounces of water

Shake well and spray your tree with this mixture up to once a week, as needed for pests.

If your tree is outdoors and in a hot climate, spray in the evening and wash oils off in the morning. Oils will cause the leaves to burn in direct sunlight.

Spinosad is a natural substance made by soil bacteria that is toxic to insects. This is an organic method of pest control. If you don't have Spinosad, try the same mixture without it.

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