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Sunlight & Temperature

Sunlight & Temperature

Temperature & Climate Video

Temperature & Climate Table

Rule of 10's

Citrus trees will die in 10°F weather in 10 hours and 20°F weather in 20 hours.

They will survive in 30°- 40°F weather, but they will not be happy. They will drop many leaves but should recover.

We recommend bringing your tree indoors or into a garage when the temperature is consistently below 40°F.

Exposing your tree to very cold temperatures is the quickest way to kill it.

Christmas Lights

If you have your tree near a south- facing wall, it will reflect sunlight and keep the tree warmer.

Shade will protect the tree from frost and temperature changes.

Wind protection is important, as it will exacerbate the effects of cold.

Christmas Lights

If your tree is outdoors and you cannot move it indoors during a freeze, you can wrap it with incandescent (not LED) Christmas lights.

Then wrap your tree in burlap or plastic and tie it at the base and the top.

Turn off the lights when the climate warms to prevent burning the tree.

We can ship trees anywhere in the US except CA, FL, AZ or LA (USDA restrictions).

Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.