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Calamondin Orange Tree

  • A cold-hardy citrus tree variety that prefers bright sunlight.
  • The Calamondin tree is compact and finely textured with small leaves.
  • An excellent container plant for growing Calamondins indoors or out.
  • A vigorous bearing citrus variety, with year-round fruit production.
  • Fruit provides many uses including juicing, cooking, and preserves.
  • A wonderful compliment for tea, seafood, meats, and sauces.
  • Most tree fruiting takes place between June-November.
  • The Calamondin orange tree can fragrantly bloom year long.

Produce Calamondin Oranges

  • The Calamondin fruit is one of the best citrus varieties for growing indoors.
  • The citrus fruit resembles a kumquat and mandarin hybrid.
  • Seedy, thin-skinned, small, round and orange fruit with a tart flavor.
  • An excellent orange citrus fruit for making marmalade.
  • The fruit has an edible rind and a sweeter flesh than the tart Kumquat.
  • A highly valued citrus in the Asian community, especially as a gift for the Chinese New Year.
  • Calamondin fruit is small, red to yellow-orange, and often grow in clusters.

Grow Your Own Calamondin Tree

  • The tree you will receive is micro-budded, non-GMO, and about 1.5 feet tall (not including root system) in a 1-gallon plastic pot. 
  • With proper care, your tree will bear fruit in one year. 
  • You will receive detailed video instructions on how to transplant and care for your Calamondin orange tree.

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The Calamondin tree is one of the most popular potted citrus, and great for placing in sunlight or near a window for healthy growth.

 The Calamondin can be grown outdoors during warmer months, and inside during the winter season.

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