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5-pound Box


- 3 Meyer Lemons

- 3 Persian Limes

- 2 Pink Lily Navel Oranges

- 6 Kishu Mandarins

- 2 Rio Red Grapefruit


- Custom Engraved Texas Ornament

- Italian Candy

- Pura Vida Bracelet with Lemon Charm


What we do better...

Gift baskets can appear cheap or worse, generic and forgettable.

Transform your corporate gift experience into a story. 

We want to create tremendous value to your organization by strengthening employee and customer relationships through story, taste and smell.Show your valued employees and customers your level with delicious, locally grown fruit with a farm-to-table experience.

 Leave a holiday message and corporate watermark with a personalized engraving on a Texas ornament.

 Intricate designs and custom engravings to create memories and talking points every holiday.