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Craft Citrus Club - Curated One-Time Gift Box

Delight that person who already has everything with a healthy and delicious gift that is completely unique!

A mix of seasonal citrus fruit from our South Texas groves - grapefruit and oranges galore!

A ONE-TIME, upfront payment to gift a curated box of citrus.

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A curated mix of citrus in every box

Rio Red Grapefruit & Navel Oranges perfect for juicing. An experience for 2021/2022 as intimate and delicious as harvesting fruit from your own tree.  

What makes us different

Harmony with the seasons

We let our fruit fully ripen on the tree before harvesting. Most citrus is gassed with ethylene to give the appearance of being ripe. We don't, so our fruit rind can often be green, but it is always ripe when you get it!

Controlling the quality

All of our fruit is grown in South Texas, and we control the water, nutrition, and soil quality. Grown in the USA means minimized shipping distance with a decreased carbon footprint. No middlemen means no delays and maximizing flavor.

Sustainably grown

We minimize our footprint with drip irrigation, weed cloth, and natural grasses in between rows. Because we don't gas our fruit to artificially change the color, we don't have to use any fungicides in our packing process either.

Fueling positive change

Support American agriculture.

Much of the grocery citrus selection is imported. But our own employees thoughtfully hand-select every fruit to harvest and place in your box. And when the citrus is local, it just tastes better.

Support small growers.

We built a boutique packing shed to process our fruit independent of the mega-corporations. We are proud to pay local, small growers over triple the usual rate for their top-quality citrus. This supports local farmers who often do not break even in the face of monopolies that pay rock-bottom prices, imported citrus, and natural disasters.

Support rural communities.

Since 2014, US Citrus has been establishing groves in perfect sandy loam soil of Hargill, a tiny town in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The community has rewarded us with bountiful inspiration, strengthening our citrus culture.