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SANSI 15W LED Grow Light


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Shine these within 12" of your tree and watch them thrive indoors!

Grow lights are crucial for indoor gardening of citrus.

Citrus is a tropical tree and it needs plenty of light when you bring it indoors for the winter to truly thrive.

A window will not provide your citrus tree enough light unless it is physically hot to the touch.

We wanted to make SANSI grow lights available for our customers because they are a safe and effective grow light option which we have researched and utilized.

SANSI 15W LED Grow Light Bulb, Ceramic E26 A21 120V

Daylight White Full Spectrum Grow Light

  • [FULL SPECTRUM] Unlike other brand’s grow lights which are composed of red chips and blue chips, SANSI mixes 380-780nm all wavelengths in every LED chip. This advanced optical structure ensures more uniform light distribution and more proper spectrum proportion---just like natural white sunlight
  • [FULL CYCLE] Every wavelength is meaningful for plants’ growth. SANSI LED grow bulbs simulate natural sunlight (including UV&IR), giving all spectrum your plants need, beneficial for the whole phrase of growth from seed to harvest. More practical and easy to use
  • [PATENTED TECHNOLOGY] Unlike other brand’s plant lights which rely on a plastic or aluminum heat sink, SANSI adopts patented ceramic technology and unique hollow-out structure to improve heat dissipation efficiency, prolonging bulb’s lifetime to 25000 hrs. 15W LED Equivalent to 150W, energy-saving, instant-on, flicker-free, near 5000k
  • [USE AND SERVICE] Recommended coverage area up to 3.6 square feet mounted 12”-39” above plants, lighting time 10-12 hrs, depends on different plants. The average PPFD is 111.56 μmol/s/m² based on 19.7” above plants.

We also have included a UL certified cord and socket to attach the bulb properly and safely.