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Kaffir Lime Fruit

Features of the Kaffir lime:

  • The rind can be used to make Thai curry paste and aromatherapy.
  • In many cultures, this small and bumpy citrus fruit has medicinal uses. 
  • Oils of the rind have uses ranging from sour dish flavoring to an insect repellant.
  • The pulp of Kaffir limes is yellowish-green, very sour, slightly bitter, and very fragrant.
  • The lime tree reaches full maturity in late winter to early spring, with the rind turning yellow.
  • Also known as the Makrut or Thai lime, scientifically known as Citrus hystrix, is a highly sought after citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia.

Kaffir Lime Tree

Features of the Kaffir lime tree:

  • The lime is commonly known and used for its leaves consisting of a large petiole and a same-sized leaf blade.
  • The Kaffir lime tree is grown and harvested primarily for its dark green lime leaves to create spices or oils.
  • Dried Kaffir Lime leaves are sold online for nearly $30 an ounce!
  • Other uses include blending into massage oils, natural shampoos, and various herbal products.
  • The tree is less cold hardy than Persian Lime.
  • The tree exhibits good growth with full sun. 
  • The Kaffir Lime tree produces some of the most exotic limes in the world with all of its unique uses!

Grow Your Own Kaffir Limes

  • The tree you will receive is micro-budded, non-GMO, and about 18-inches tall (not including root system) in a 1-gallon plastic pot. 
  • With proper care, your tree will bear fruit in one year. 
  • You will receive detailed video instructions on how to transplant and care for your tree.

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