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Persian Lime Fruit


The perfect lime for cocktails and fine cuisine, these Texas-grown limes are large, sour, seedless. 

US Citrus is the only major lime producer in the US. The quality and aroma of our limes will transform your cocktails. Guaranteed.

  • Tree-ripened, and harvested the day of shipping
  • Fresh, bright essential oils and juice to give a kick and aroma to desserts and cuisine
  • Cocktails will become wonderfully unbalancing by the brightness of the citrus which lets each ingredient ring out separately
  • Thin, smooth rind with seedless flesh that pale greenish-yellow, acidic, juicy and finely-textured

We can ship trees anywhere in the US except CA, FL, AZ or LA (USDA restrictions).

Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.