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Tube Tree



Looking for an economical way to grow a very large number of citrus trees? Are you ok for a gardening challenge? Then you may be a good fit for our tube trees.

You can choose a multiple of any variety - build your own package, by writing the variety and numbers you want in the note section when you check out!



  • (INCLUDES): Meyer Lemon, Pink Variegated Lemon, Eureka Lemon, Persian Lime, Thornless Mexican Lime, Rio Red Grapefruit, Pineapple Orange, Valencia Orange, N-33 Navel Orange, Cara Cara Navel Orange, Blood Orange (Sanguinelli, Tarocco, Moro), Kumquat (Nagami or Meiwa), Satsuma Mandarin or Calamondin
  • (EXCLUDES): Australian Finger Lime & Buddha's Hand) 

 Specialty Tube Trees - 2 Trees: 

  • (INCLUDES): Australian Finger lime and/or Buddha's Hand Citron

Tube Tree Package - 5 Trees

  • Choose 5 of any of our listed varieties for sale from the single tube tree varieties
  • (EXCLUDES): Australian Finger Lime and  Buddha's Hand. 

Instructions and Care Guide

  • We will give you video instructions on how to grow & plant these young, grafted, seedling tube trees
  • 20-page comprehensive care guide included
  • All tube trees are micro-budded and are the exact kind we plant directly in the field for our grove productions!


We can ship trees anywhere in the US except CA, FL, AZ or LA (USDA restrictions).

Fruit and leaves can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.