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We use natural grasses in between rows to encourage natural predators to reduce pesticide use, weed cloth to stop herbicide use, and we drastically cut water use with drip irrigation.

From Our Groves To Your Home.

We operate out of the tiny town of Hargill, TX. Your business supports a rural, agricultural community. Thank you for your confidence.

Lime Marmalade

A Taste-Tempting Recipe for Lime Marmalade

Lots of folks love orange marmalade. Lime marmalade has more of a bite, but it's still delicious. Try making it. Lime marmalade takes a lot of sugar, FYI! If there... Read More

Indoors vs Outdoors: Where Should You Grow a Key Lime Tree?

Should you grow your key lime tree indoors or outdoors? Where are key limes grown for the most delicious fruit and bountiful harvest? Read below to find out! In the... Read More
Key Lime Tree Growing
Citrus Juice Health Benefits

Amazing Health Benefits of Citrus Juice You've Never Heard Of

Consuming citrus juice is an easy and delicious way to improve your health. Here are some amazing citrus juice benefits to help you get through the summer! Are you looking... Read More

Growing a Kumquat Plant Indoors: It's Easier Than You Think!

Are you intimidated by the idea of growing a kumquat plant? Don't be! Here are some simple and easy tips to start growing and caring for your own kumquat tree!... Read More
Growing Kumquat Plants Indoors
Classic Lime Cocktails

Classic Lime Cocktails To Enjoy For Your Next Happy Hour

Limes add a delicious blend of sour and sweet to cocktails, including healthy vitamin C. Here are some classic lime cocktails to create with your extra limes! Ask any bartender... Read More

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Eating grapefruit provides some great benefits you may not have heard of. Let's go through 5 amazing health benefits of eating grapefruit that you'll love! The grapefruit first appeared in... Read More
Grapefruit Health Benefits
Unusual Uses for Citrus Juice

Unusual Uses for Citrus Juice You May Not Have Heard Of

Looking for some new things to do with your citrus juice? Let's go through some unique and creative uses for your citrus juices that you can try out this summer!... Read More

5 Amazing Mandarin Orange Desserts

Are you looking to expand your palate with citrus? Why not try out these mandarin orange desserts? They are sure to capture your imagination and your taste buds! Mandarin oranges are... Read More
Mandarin Orange Desserts
Lime Juice Ideas

Lime Juice Ideas You Definitely Haven't Thought of Yet

Out of ideas for what to do with your lime juice? Here are some creative lime juice ideas to help spur your imagination and make the most of your lime... Read More

How to Grow a Lemon Tree: Tips and Tricks

Interested in how to grow a lemon tree for your next gardening adventure? Here are some great pointers to get your lemon tree growing successfully! Lemons are an excellent source of... Read More
How to Grow Lemon Tree Tips & Tricks