Choose from our 15-lb mixed box or our 30-lb orange & grapefruit selection.

The Craft Citrus Club

the grove-to-table Experience

A seasonal mix: a curated mix of sweet and tangy varieties that changes with the seasons.

Tree-ripened: an authentic straight-off-the-tree experience.

Top-notch citrus: we test every batch of fruit. Guranteed quality, or we make it right.

The Rio Box (15 lbs)
The Rio Box (15 lbs)
The Rio Box (15 lbs)
The Rio Box (15 lbs)

The Rio Box (15 lbs)

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A 15-lb curated box of our fresh-harvested citrus from South Texas. The fruit is NOT gassed, rather it is tree-ripened.

Now we have a Persian Lime Box & The Meyer Lemon/Persian Lime box available!

Persian Lime:

Seedless, large, juicy, very sour and very aromatic lime. Lots of essential oils in the rind. Our specialty and perfect for any lime recipe, cocktail, dessert or drink! We make incredible limeades with this for ourselves.

Meyer Lemon:

A combination of a mandarin and a true lemon. Thin rind with seeds. Less sour, with notes of sweetness. Can be eaten whole, like an orange. Known affectionately as the 'Valley Lemon' in the Rio Grande Valley where it is very popular to add with beer. These are not gassed and will vary from green/green and yellow/yellow/to orange. Everything we send is ripe and ready to eat regardless of the color!

Our season runs from:

Mandarins - Thanksgiving through Valentines Day (CURRENTLY OUT OF FRUIT)

Oranges - Halloween through Easter (CURRENTLY OUT OF FRUIT)

Grapefruit - Thanksgiving through May (CURRENTLY OUT OF FRUIT)

Lemons/Limes - summer & winter 



How to Choose:

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Choose your fresh-harvested citrus fruit as a one-time box or save with a subscription.

The Rio Box: for the ones that don't want to juice too much, but really want maximum mix of avaialable fruit

The Grande box: If you're a fan of juicing, it's easy to tear through a large amount of fruit. Our sweet oranges and grapefruit make the perfect drink combination. Anyone trying to improve their health with juice is the ideal candidate for a 30-lb box of oranges & grapefruit.

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