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We use natural grasses in between rows to encourage natural predators to reduce pesticide use, weed cloth to stop herbicide use, and we drastically cut water use with drip irrigation.

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We operate out of the tiny town of Hargill, TX. Your business supports a rural, agricultural community. Thank you for your confidence.

Agua De Valencia Orange Citrus Cocktail

Agua De Valencia: How to Make the Famous Spanish Cocktail

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Rio Red Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe

A Rio Red Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe for Every Occasion

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Meyer Lemon vs. Regular Lemon: What's the Difference?

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Best Meyer Lemon Bars Recipe

How to Make the Ultimate Meyer Lemon Bars: A Step-By-Step Recipe

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Valencia Orange Tea

4 Surprising Valencia Orange Tea Benefits

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5 Surprising Rio Red Grapefruit Nutrition Facts

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Meyer Lemon Cake Recipes

Top 2 Most Delicious Meyer Lemon Cake Recipes

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Valencia vs Navel Oranges: What's the Difference?

When it comes to Valencia vs Navel oranges, what's the difference? Find out how these orange citrus fruits differ in appearance, growing season, and taste here! If you're like 90% of... Read More
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