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    Our Texas Groves

    Since 2011, US Citrus has been grafting citrus trees and establishing groves in the small South Texas town of Hargill, with its perfect sandy loam soil. US Citrus has created jobs for the local population, and the town has rewarded us with an incredible work ethic and bountiful inspiration. Our roots are continually expanding in our community, strengthening our citrus culture.

    What is micro-budding?

    Micro-budding is an all-natural grafting method developed by our founder and CEO, Dr. Mani Skaria, a retired university citrus scientist.

    It is a process which involves hand -grafting done at a young age, combining the best qualities of a hearty root stock with the delicious qualities of the chosen graft.

    Our Mission


    To provide the utmost confidence in the quality and choice of citrus fruit, citrus trees, leaves and accessories.  

    Our Vision


    Sharing the pleasure of citrus through the power of micro-budding.


    To save water, US Citrus utilizes only drip irrigation. Combined with high-density planting at 6x the standard citrus density, we achieve higher citrus fruit yield per acre, allowing us to drastically decrease the amount of acreage we use for any given yield.

    Our Impact

    Our disease control strategies are formulated by two Ph.D.s: a citrus pathologist and an entomologist. To minimize herbicides and pesticides, we plant grass in the middle of our rows to increase natural predators, and we use weed fabric around all trees for physical suppression of weeds.

    Our Founder

    Dr. Mani Skaria, a citrus scientist and a Professor Emeritus from the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center. He is the recipient of the prestigious Pott’s award, recognizing outstanding scientific contribution and service to the citrus industry of Texas.