3 Ways to Use Persian Limes Like a Pro

If you're not using Persian limes already, you're missing out. Read on to find out about 3 ways to use this key lime and lemon hybrid citrus fruit like a pro!

Limes are one of those citrus fruits that can be easily forgotten but are versatile and delish in an endless number of dishes.

From freshening up classic salads to being the main event of popular desserts to adding a bright summer taste to your favorite drink, limes are a quiet staple in cuisine around the world.

If you're wondering how you can stop sidelining this delicious citrus, keep reading to learn three simple ways to use Persian limes like a pro.

1. Freshly Juiced

Perhaps the most popular way to use Persian limes is when they are fresh and ripe. Slicing them open, you can easily juice this bright green fruit.

The juice adds a wonderful tangy taste to just about any dish out there. They have a more forgiving acidity than lemons, which makes it easier to add them to a dish without overpowering other flavors.

In fact, there are few dishes that can't be enhanced with a bit of fresh Persian lime juice. Just a light squeeze can give everything from sandwiches to salads to desserts a fresh taste.

2. Dried and Dusted

If you've never heard of using dried limes to cook with, you're not alone.

While they have been a staple in Middle Eastern and Asian dishes since ancient times, dried Persian limes remain relatively unheard of in the United States today.

Unlike their fresh, juicy ancestors, dried limes have a hard, juiceless texture. They shrink in size, with a dusty brown coloring. Crack them open, and the insides reveal a mahogany color. These limes are then crushed to a powdered substance.

Persian dried limes are sometimes added directly to dishes to give them a tangy, earthy taste. Other times, it's dusted over the top as a finishing touch.

3. Make Them the Main Event

If you love the bright, fresh, summery taste of lime, why not make them the main event of your next dish?

While limes are a great addition to many dishes, they can also stand out on all their own. There is an endless number of cocktails, desserts, and side dishes that feature the lime and focus on bringing out its bright flavor.

Of course, perhaps the most popular is the Key lime pie, made using the juice and zest of fresh limes. Persian limes, with their wonderful tang, are perfect for any Key lime pie recipe.

Use Persian Limes Like a Pro

Whether you're looking to use Persian limes to enhance your favorite family recipe or want to create something new, it's easy to use Persian limes like a pro with these simple preparation tips.

Persian limes are also far more than just a tasty ingredient. They are incredibly healthy! Check out these five surprising health benefits of Persian limes to learn more.

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