4 Surprising Valencia Orange Tea Benefits

Valencia oranges by themselves contain a large amount of vitamins, but what about drinking them as a tea? Here are 4 surprising Valencia orange tea benefits.

In England, they say that a cup of tea solves everything. That explains why British people enjoy drinking tea.

However, there are actually many types of tea with numerous benefits. There are barely any downsides to this refreshing and healthy beverage.

You may never have considered putting a bunch of Valencia oranges into a brew. But, it's an amazingly simple and delicious drink.

Check out the below blog post to discover the surprising benefits of drinking orange tea. Let's get started!

1. Increase Your Vitamin Intake

While a cup of tea won't give you any vitamin C on its own. If you add orange peels and juice, you'll get a nutritional boost.

Vitamin C is really important to keep you healthy. It's even been connected with fighting off a bunch of diseases and illnesses, including colon cancer.

There are also lots of other essential vitamins to keep you healthy. This includes thiamine which gives you B vitamins and folate which is crucial for your body.

Oranges also contain potassium to keep your blood pressure low and reduce your risk of heart conditions. 

2. Keeps Your Hydrated 

Around 80 percent of working Americans are regularly dehydrated. This may because they simply forget to drink water.

When you don't stay hydrated you can start to lose concentration and develop headaches. Over time this can also lead to more serious health conditions. But, if you have a delicious drink in front of you, you're much more likely to keep sipping away while you work.

Tea is also a great source of hydration. When you have orange juice or peels in the hot mug of tea, you'll get other health benefits as well.

3. Warms Your Body on a Cold Day

When the weather is cold outdoors, you really don't want to drink a large glass of orange juice. But, a warm cup may be a much more tempting choice.

By putting oranges in your tea you can get the health benefits without giving you a chill in the winter. There are few better ways to enjoy Valencia oranges than sitting close to the fire with a cup of orange tea.

4. You Get More of the Nutrition Than Juice 

People say that eating oranges themselves is better than juice. That's usually because the nutrients in the juice aren't as concentrated. And yet, the juice has the same amount of sugar. So, you don't want to drink more than a cup of orange juice per day.

Nevertheless, when you're preparing your orange tea, you include the peels from the orange, which are packed with nutritional benefits. 

Benefits of Drinking Orange Tea

The world's most popular fruit is also one of the healthiest. You can do almost anything with this versatile citrus fruit from preparing juice to eating fresh off the shelf.

But, there's nothing quite as great as the benefits of drinking orange tea. 

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