5 Holiday Citrus Gift Basket Ideas You'll Love

Looking for an awesome gift to give this holiday season? Continue below to learn more about citrus gift baskets and why they make the perfect present!

Are you someone who has a hard time brainstorming unique holiday gifts that everyone will love?

If so, a citrus gift basket could be the perfect treat that any of your loved ones would be thrilled to receive.

Do you want some inspiration? Keep reading to discover 5 brilliant citrus gift basket ideas.

1. Assorted Citrus Fruits

If you want to take your loved ones' taste buds on an exciting journey, you can give them a gift basket that's full of delicious citrus fruits. Our citrus gift basket, while available, contains Meyer lemons, Persian limes, pink lily Navel oranges, Kishu mandarins, and Rio Red grapefruits. As an added bonus, they'll also receive a custom engraved Texas ornament, gourmet Italian candy, and a Pura Vida bracelet complete with a lemon charm!

2. Holiday Treats

Do you want to learn how to make a citrus gift basket that's perfect for the holidays? If so, you can get creative with tons of different classic holiday treats that will put anyone in a jolly mood. Gingerbread men, sugar cookies, candy canes, hot chocolate, and candies are just a few yummy options that will complement the fresh citrus fruits.

3. Good Morning

Even if your friend isn't a morning person, a breakfast citrus gift basket will definitely turn them into one. Since fruit is one of the best foods you can eat when you wake up, you can help them start their day right. Some other breakfast treats you can include in your good morning gift basket are tea or coffee, jam, coffee cake, banana bread, and pancake mix.

4. Self-Care Citrus Gift Basket

Lots of gift baskets only contain food, but who says you can't throw in some other useful goodies? If you want to help your loved ones relax during the busy holiday season, you could build a self-care citrus gift basket.

If you fill your gift basket with plenty of citrus beauty products, they can have their own spa day at home whenever they feel like they need a boost. Don't forget to include some fresh lemons so they can make a cleansing lemon water drink to sip on while they treat themselves.

5. Gourmet Decadence

One of the best ways you can show someone you care is to give them a gourmet gift basket this holiday season. Combining fresh fruit with decadent eats is the perfect balance of refreshing and indulgent. To build an incredible gift basket, you can include an assortment of citrus fruits, candied popcorn, chocolate truffles, mixed nuts, wine, and cheese.

Citrus Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Holiday Treat

No matter which citrus gift basket idea you choose, your loved ones are guaranteed to appreciate your thoughtful gesture.


Try our seasonal citrus box while its available...the Craft Citrus Club!

Our Rio box is a 15-lb curated box of our fresh-harvested citrus from South Texas. The fruit is NOT gassed, rather it is tree-ripened. Our season runs from Nov-May for  oranges, grapefruit and mandarins.

Our Grande box is a 30-lb box of either fresh-harvested Rio Red Grapefruit or Sweet Oranges from South Texas.


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