Here's the Squeeze on 5 Citrus Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love!

Dying to know what to buy for the person that has everything? Join the club. Here's the squeeze on 5 unique citrus gift ideas your friends and family will love!

Citrus gift ideas are the perfect way to surprise someone with something special. Giving the gift of citrus is something unique, yet valuable. There's no denying that the person you're gifting it to will enjoy it and make use of it. 

Spending money on items that are used once and then never seen again is a waste. However, purchasing citrus gifts is a great way to ensure that your gift will not go to waste. If you're not sure what to buy for the person that has just about everything, then you'll want to know the squeeze on the best citrus gift ideas.

Here's everything you need to know!

1. Citrus Gift Card

A citrus gift card is your first option. This is the best option if you're not sure exactly what your loved one enjoys. Giving them a gift card allows them to make their own decision on what types of delicious citrus fruit to try.

Gift cards range from $10-$100. Your loved one can then decide on what kind of citrus fruits to purchase for themselves.

2. Citrus Gift Basket 

The citrus gift basket gives your loved one a farm-table experience. For example, inside our Lunar New Year citrus basket (while supplies last), you'll find a variety of scrumptious citrus fruits along with several other accessories.

Citrus fruits in the basket include Persian Limes, Meyer Lemons, Tangerines, Tangelos, Kumquats, and Super-Red Grapefruit. The citrus fruit basket is delivered in a handsome red box with red and gold filler.

3. Calamondin Tree

The Calamondin tree is the perfect gift as it can be grown either inside or outside. This tree produces sweet-sour oranges that can be eaten whole! And aside from the delicious fruit that the tree produces, it also blooms a wonderful fragrance all year round. 

When purchasing a Calamondin tree for a loved one, they'll also receive a video that provides instructions on how to properly care for the tree. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves to grow indoor or outdoor plants!

4. Breakfast Basket 

Never hesitate to create your own citrus basket for your loved one. If you know better than anyone else what your loved one likes best, then you should be the one to choose which fruits should go in the basket. One great idea is to make a breakfast basket for him or her. 

Think about what citrus fruits would go best for in the morning and then add in a few other accessories such as a couple of teabags, a coffee mug, and other favorites. 

5. DIY Citrus Gifts

The last citrus gift idea that we have for you is a DIY citrus gift. This could be just about anything that you make at home using fresh citrus fruits. For example, consider making a citrus-infused sugar, a citrus homemade lotion, a citrus body scrub, and more!

There are plenty of DIY citrus recipes online that you can search for. DIY gifts are the perfect idea for someone who has everything!

Which Citrus Gift Ideas Do You Enjoy Most?

These 5 citrus gift ideas are ideal for just about anyone who loves citrus. Even if your loved one doesn't eat citrus, you can use the fruit to create unique DIY self-care items for him or her.

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