5 Different Types of Lemons You Didn't Know Existed

Did you know there are literally tons of different types of lemons out there? In this article, we share 5 types of interesting lemons for you to discover!

You probably don't give much thought to the trusty lemon. You just grab a couple at the grocery store whenever you need them for homemade lemonade or a recipe.

Yet, the venerable lemon has many uses, such as an insect repellent, deodorizer, and cleaning agent. It also turns out that lemons come in over two-dozen varieties.

Keep reading and we'll tell you about 5 types of lemons you might not know about and may want to add to your citrus collection!

1. Pink Variegated Lemon

Believe it or not, pink lemonade isn't a marketing gimmick. They make fresh pink lemonade from the pink variegated lemon.

Known for its distinctive pink flesh, the pink variegated lemon also sports a yellow and green skin. Want to make your own pink lemonade? You can grow pink variegated lemons indoors.

2. Buddha's Hand Citron

The Buddha's hand Citron has one of the strangest appearances of all lemons. It looks like a collection of fingers or tentacles. Originally cultivated in ancient China, the odd-looking fruit migrated to California in the 1980s.

With its sweet rind, the Buddha's hand makes an excellent addition to cocktails and candies well. You can even use it as an alternative zest for special dishes.

3. Baboon Lemon

The name sounds made up, but the baboon lemon is a real variety of the fruit. Hailing from Brazil, the baboon lemon sports an extremely bright yellow skin. 

The flavor of the flesh, while still sour, bears more in common with the lime than with other lemons. That makes it an ideal candidate for mixing things up with your favorite lemon-based recipes.

4. Nepali Oblong Lemon

The Nepali oblong isn't a fruit you'll find in most US or European grocery stores. Known for its smooth skin, this lemon offers a medium level of tartness. That makes it an excellent choice for most lemon recipes.

The Nepali oblong is a commercial fruit crop in India. 

5. Jhambiri Lemon

Like the Nepali Oblong, the Jhambiri lemon or rough lemon doesn't get much attention in the West. It's far more common in Asia.

The Jhambiri lemon sports a surprisingly rough skin. The flesh of the lemon is also extremely sour, much more so than lemon varieties routinely used in the US or Europe. If you want to take your sour game to a whole new level, though, track down some Jhambiri lemons.

Parting Thoughts on Types of Lemons

Don't feel bad if your part of that group who never thought much about lemons. Since most stores only carry a few of the many types of lemons, you might have thought those were the only ones available.

Now that you do know, though, you can expand your lemon-based recipes to include some of the more offbeat varieties. Imagine how impressed your guests will be when you make pink lemonade with actual pink lemons. 

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