5 of Our Favorite Fruit Recipes of All Time

The next time it's your turn to bring a dish, try one of our 5 favorite fruit recipes of all time! These 5 delicious recipes are tried and true crowd pleasers!

There is nothing better than making a recipe with fresh seasonal fruits.

Keep reading for our favorite fruit recipes that will be a hit at your next party or family get together. 

1. Lime Honey Fruit Salad 

This is such a yummy twist on traditional fruit salad. A great option for a warm summer day, this healthy sweet option is sure to be a hit for all ages.

Combine your favorite fruits cut into bite-sized pieces with these unexpected ingredients: poppy seeds, honey and lime juice, for a delicious and refreshing treat.

The zesty lime flavor evens out perfectly with the sweet hints of honey. Fresh Persian limes are great for this. Cover and refrigerate overnight to let all those flavors soak in. This is an ideal snack to bring to your next picnic or barbeque. 

2. Citrusy Shrimp Topped Avacado Soup

This is a delicious and healthy soup option that is super unique. Technically, avocados are a fruit, making them pair perfectly with the lemon and lime flavors that top this soup. Pairing this thick, creamy soup with a lemony shrimp topping will hit the spot. 

If you love avocados and quick snacks, try simply squeezing a lime wedge over an avocado half. The fusion of flavors is fresh and delicious. 

3. Orange Dream Fruit Dip 

This light dip pairs well with any fruit, making it a great addition to a fruit platter at your next event. 

All you'll need is fresh-squeezed orange and pineapple juice, whipped cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, and orange zest. Soften the fluff quickly in the microwave, whisking in cream cheese and fruit juices. Top with orange zest for a fresh finish. 

This is a yummy way to make your favorite fruits even sweeter!

4. Citrus Fluff Jello Salad 

We love using oranges in this dish, that works great as a holiday side or a light and airy dessert. 

You will simply mix orange jello, vanilla pudding, cool whip, and marshmallows with 3 cups of water and orange slices. Heat on a stovetop on medium heat until the mixture is boiling. Turn off heat, and pour into a bowl, leaving it refrigerated until solid.

Garnish with orange slices for a bright and fruity dish. 

5. Citrusy Fruit Kabobs

If you haven't tried fruit on the grill yet, this is a great way to start! 

Cut your favorite fruits into cubes and thread them onto skewers. You'll make a citrusy glaze using fresh-squeezed orange and lemon juices, as well as lemon zest, honey, and cornstarch. Heat your glaze ingredients in a saucepan until thickened then remove them from heat. 

Brush your fruit skewers with your citrus glaze before they hit the grill! 

Try These Fruit Recipes Today!

Try one of these fruit recipes today for a delicious and healthy treat everyone will love. Give the gift of dishes full of fresh fruit at your next party or event. Try our grove fresh citrus fruit for sale to stock up on healthy, delicious citrus fruit!

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