5 Surprising Rio Red Grapefruit Nutrition Facts

Everyone knows that grapefruit is good for you and your health, but what are the nutrition facts? Here are five surprising Rio Red grapefruit nutrition facts!

We all know that fruit is good for us, and full of health benefits, but you may not consider Rio Red grapefruit at first.

However, this humble fruit contains plenty of nutrients and other benefits — more than you might have expected. If you're interested in finding out the main ways in which this fruit is good for you, keep reading on.

1. Plenty of Vitamin C

This probably isn't too surprising — it's a fruit after all — but yes, Rio Red grapefruits contain a whole lot of vitamin C.

Just one half of a grapefruit contains almost 40mg of the vital vitamin, so around two-thirds of the daily recommended intake. 

The benefits of vitamin C are far-reaching, as it both works as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory benefits too. It's also likely to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, so this is one of the most important health benefits of Rio Red grapefruits. 

2. Low-Calorie Fiber Option

Not only will half a grapefruit contain over half of your daily vitamin C intake, but also 2g of fiber. This is around 8% of your recommended daily intake, so definitely contributes to a diet rich in fiber. 

If you need to include more fiber in your diet, but don't want to consume more calories, a Rio Red grapefruit fits the bill perfectly. There are just 41 calories in half a medium-sized grapefruit, so you don't need to be concerned!

3. Potassium Too

Another benefit of Rio Red grapefruit is the level of potassium inside. In fact, there's almost as much potassium in one grapefruit as there is in one banana!

The nutrient has plenty of benefits, from looking after your heart and kidneys to nerve transmission, so it's important that you get your daily fix.

4. Get Your Vitamin A

Alongside vitamin C sits vitamin A. You can get almost one-third of your daily intake from half a grapefruit, which will go a long way to making up the full amount. 

Benefits of vitamin A include the support of many major organs, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys, and even your vision! It helps to strengthen your immune system too — just like vitamin C — so you'll stay healthy.

5. Almost No Fat

Yes, you read that right. There is almost no fat whatsoever in a Rio Red grapefruit. You may decide to ditch fatty, sugary snacks like cookies and chips and replace them with grapefruit for a more healthy, nutritious, and lower-fat option.

One half of a grapefruit contains just around 0.2g of fat, which is next to nothing. In comparison, a bag of potato chips can contain around 79g — it's clear which is the better option.

Eating Rio Red Grapefruit

With so many benefits, it seems obvious that eating Rio Red grapefruit is the way to go!

Not only is it rich in vitamins, but contains potassium, fiber, and very little fat too! That's not all, either, as the fruit also contains naringenin, beta-carotene, and lycopene, as well as calcium and magnesium — the list of benefits is almost endless! Why not turn to Rio Red grapefruit today — your body will thank you!

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