7 Juicy Lemon Facts You've Never Heard Before

Did you know that one lemon contains around 139% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake? Read below for more juicy lemon facts to blow your mind.

Did you know that lemons are native to Asia? Or that one single lemon contains around 139% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin C?

Lemons are refreshing, colorful fruits and a major asset to your health and garden. So, if you're considering adding lemon fruit to your diet or a lemon tree to your orchard or yard, read on for some fascinating and little-known lemon facts.

1. Lemons Fight Bacterial Growth

Typhoid, cholera, malaria, diphtheria, and other dangerous diseases have been shown to be destroyed by exposure to lemon juice

Because of its acidity and other elements, lemon juice is great for killing bacteria and offers the added bonus of making your kitchen counters smell refreshing. Who doesn't like feeling invigorated after a hearty cleaning session?

2. The Rind Contains the Most Vitamin C

It's crazy to think that a lemon is just behind oranges in offering the most vitamin C of all the citrus fruits. Interestingly though, it's the lemon rind that contains the most vitamins.

For every 100g of lemon peel, you get a whopping 129mg of vitamin C. 

3. Lemon Trees Are BIG Producers

If you're looking to plant a tree that produces plenty of fruit, lemon trees are hard to beat. 

Lemon trees produce up to 600 lbs of fruit each year, (depending on your climate and care for them). That's a lot of lemons.

This also means you will be harvesting the fruit more often than a typical fruit tree. Lucky you, the more the better with these super-fruits.

4. Lemon's Make Effective Cleaning Aids

There's a reason almost every cleaning product out there comes in a "lemon scent." Because of their high acid content, lemon juice cuts through grease, dirt, and other unwanted substances easily.

A lemon tree may be a great way to save you some bucks on cleaning products.

5. Lemons Help Fight Cancer

Among other citrus fruits, lemons have a myriad of important health benefits. Including helping to fight cancer. 

The flavonoids in lemons contain important antioxidants that can not only fight off some cancers, but improve constipation issues, ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad skin.

6. Lemons Boost Energy

Let's take it back to high school biology and talk about ions. Did you know that lemons are the only fruit that are "anionic"? That means that while most foods and fruits are "cationic," or carry a positive charge, lemons carry a negative charge.

This means that they can provide energy boosts when consumed as the interactions between anions and cations in your cells produce energy. 

7. Lemons Trees Are Evergreens

What? It's true, lemon trees bloom all year long and the fruit can be harvested several times a year. These beautiful trees produce roundish green leaves and dainty white blooms throughout the year.

More Fascinating Lemon Facts 

With their numerous health benefits and ease of growth, lemons and lemon trees are an asset to any garden. The truth is there are endless "lemon facts" that will astound you.

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