Get your own box of sweet little Mandarins

Mandarins are not only delicious but also include many nutrients and vitamins that can help prevent diseases. Learn the top health benefits of mandarins below!

Out of the over six million tons of citrus we grow in America, it's hard to pick a favorite fruit

If you want something tasty that has tons of health benefits, we have a suggestion. Mandarin oranges should always have a place on your shopping list. 

Why are mandarins so great? Let's look at the many health benefits of mandarin oranges and see! 

What is a Mandarin? 

First, let's set mandarins aside and see how they're different from other citrus fruit. Originally grown in Asia, they found their way on through Europe, Africa, Australia, and eventually to the US. 

Mandarins are smaller than the average orange and easy to peel. Plus, they're versatile and work well in savory dishes, too. 

That's not their only talent. Keep reading and discover all of their wonderful benefits! 

1. Full of Antioxidants

Take a look at the nutritional value of mandarins and you'll see a vitamin-packed powerhouse. These little oranges boast over a quarter of your recommended dose of vitamin C per cup. 

They've also got antioxidants like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids help keep your eyes and skin healthy. 

2. Promote Hair Growth

Mandarins also have vitamin E and B12 to keep your hair full and strong. Add some to your hair oil for a bit of all-natural shine and bounce. 

3. Helps Manage Your Weight

Mandarin fruit is full of fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer and keeps your digestion system moving along. 

Both of these contribute to keeping your weight at a healthy number. 

4. Healthy Bones

The magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus found in mandarins contribute to bone health. Eating a full cup gives you a 3% serving of the three minerals. 

5. Manage Your Blood Pressure

Eating mandarin oranges regularly can help with managing your blood pressure. The fiber, potassium, and antioxidants in the fruits keep blood flowing smoothly and keep your blood pressure low. 

6. Promotes Good Cholesterol

The type of fiber in mandarins and the pectin keeps bad cholesterol from being absorbed in your gut. That way, the good cholesterol you eat has more of a chance to shine. 

7. Immune System Health

Mandarin oranges have nutrients that help wounds heal and keep colds at bay. Eating them can also aid with digestion and your nervous system, reducing vomiting and muscle cramps. 

Regular mandarin consumption might help lower your chances of getting cancer. While nothing is for sure, there are many antioxidants and nutrients, like limonene, that might prevent liver or breast cancer from developing. 

Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Mandarin Oranges

Eating citrus fruits has many health benefits, but mandarin oranges might top them all. Either way, it's always a good idea to add more fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet. 

They're sweet, easy to eat, and versatile. Enjoy them by themselves, experiment and add them to different dishes, or try these delicious mandarin orange recipes

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