Amazing Health Benefits of Citrus Juice You've Never Heard Of

Consuming citrus juice is an easy and delicious way to improve your health. Here are some amazing citrus juice benefits to help you get through the summer!

Are you looking for an easy (and delicious!) way to improve your health! You might be surprised to learn about all of the health benefits of citrus juice. In fact, experts call it a “health hero” and suggest you should consume citrus at least once a day.

Still not quite sold? Take a look at these seven impressive citrus juice benefits.

1. Improves Heart Health

Citrus juice is full of flavonoids, which are plant compounds that help support heart health. Red grapefruit juice has antioxidants that can help lower your triglyceride levels and “bad” LDL cholesterol. 

2. Keeps You Hydrated

It’s very important to stay hydrated, as this is necessary for your body to function properly. One of the best ways to do this is to eat foods that have high water content. Grapefruits are 88% water, and oranges are 87% water. This makes both of them an excellent choice, especially on a hot summer day.

3. Shortens Your Colds

Everyone knows that citrus fruit is high in vitamin C, and while this can’t prevent you from getting a cold, it can reduce the severity and duration of your symptoms. An orange has about 51 mg of vitamin C, while a grapefruit has 38 mg and a lemon offers approximately 30 mg. So choose the citrus juice you like best and drink up next time you’re feeling sick. 

4. Packed with Potassium

It’s not just bananas that are packed with potassium! Citrus is a great source of this important mineral, and getting enough brings major benefits. It helps to flush sodium out of your body, is responsible for muscle contractions, and helps with mineral balance.

5. Improves Nutrient Absorption

Citrus juice helps your body absorb iron. This mineral helps your body produce fresh red blood cells and supports your immune system. To get the most benefits, try pairing citrus juice with iron-rich foods like fish, meat, poultry, and leafy greens including spinach.

6. Keeps Your Skin Looking Great

The high vitamin C levels in citrus juice also helps your skin stay healthy and young-looking. This is due to the role citrus plays in collagen production. Consume more citrus juice and you’ll find that you have fewer wrinkles and fewer problems with dry skin.

7. Helps You Lose Weight

Citrus juice is tasty, refreshing, and has very little to no sodium or fat. They’re also low in calories. One orange has just 45 calories, making it a very diet-friendly choice.

Add some citrus juice to your morning routine or use it to quench your thirst after a workout and you'll start enjoying these benefits right away! 

Start Enjoying Citrus Juice Benefits Today

There’s no arguing that it’s a great idea to consume plenty of citrus juice. There's also plenty of unusual uses for citrus juice you may have not heard of! However, if you really want to get all of the best citrus juice benefits, buying them from the store can get expensive.

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