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Citrus Vodka Drinks to Make at Your Next Home Party

Are you planning a house party soon? Looking for a way to use up the extra citrus fruit in your house? Read on for our favorite citrus vodka drinks to whip up!

Nothing is more refreshing than awesome citrus vodka drinks. Try out some of these delicious citrus vodka recipes. Impress everyone at your next party with the delicious citrus vodka beverages below. 

Classic Citrus Drink Go-Tos 

Here are some awesome citrus vodka classics you may have forgotten about or may not be sure how to create yourself. These are easy citrus drink combos everyone will love. 


A great alternative to mimosas, this drink is perfect for a brunch party. Avoid the headaches that come with champagne, and use vodka and orange juice instead.

If you want to spice up this classic, try using blood oranges instead. This is a super easy drink to make in batches, in an elegant pitcher. 


This drink is similar to a screwdriver but is made with grapefruit juice instead of orange. This yummy classic is delicious with vodka but can also be switched out with gin if preferred. Serve this drink along with screwdrivers for some drink options everyone will love. 

Make it a Salty Dog by adding salt to the rim of the glass, like you would a margarita. 

Shake It up 

Try one of these delicious options if you want some creative and unique citrus beverages at your next party. 

Lemon Drop

Often made as a shot, this drink can also be made into a delicious drink for a more casual party. All you need is lemon juice, simple syrup, and vodka. Plain vodka works fine, but try a citrus-flavored vodka for even easier sipping. 

Garnish with a sugar-rimmed glass to sweeten up the pucker. Add a lemon twist or wedge for a pretty detail. 

Vodka Lemonade 

Perfect for a backyard pool party, this is a refreshing and easy drink you can't go wrong with. All you need is lemonade and vodka, try using fresh-squeezed lemonade from Meyer lemons for a truly fresh taste!

Add some lemon wedges, reminiscent of the classic lemonade display. Use a pink lemonade mix for a slightly sweeter option. 

Clementine Cocktail 

This unique cocktail is great when you are wondering what to do with your leftover clementines. You'll need vodka, clementine juice, and simple syrup for this one. Leave leftover clementines for garnish, cutting them into wedges. 

Cosmopolitan Cocktail  

If you're having a fancier party, this citrus cosmo drink is a great option. You'll need lime, cranberry juice cocktail, vodka, and triple sec.

In natural cosmopolitan style, shake this drink with ice, and pour it into a wide-rimmed glass, leaving the ice in your shaker. Add a lime wedge as a garnish for a citrus spin everyone will love. 

Citrus Vodka Drinks You Should Try Today

With this citrus vodka drink guide, there is truly something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you like to keep your beverages simple, or are looking to try something a bit different, these delicious and refreshing citrus vodka drinks are sure to impress your party guest. Check out our post on summer citrus drinks for more refreshing drink ideas!

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