From Fresh Oranges to Lemon Peels & More: 5 Citrus Gift Ideas You'll Love

Don't keep the gift of citrus to yourself. Share the love & be creative by using fresh oranges, lemon peels, and more! Here are 5 citrus gift ideas you'll love.

As the old saying goes when life gives you lemons, make them into gifts.

Fresh citrus fruits are like the fruit mascot of any tropical or subtropical region. They are delicious, they are refreshing, and they taste good in so many different things.

Plus, there are a number of other ways that citrus can be used apart from the standard juice variety.

Take a look at some of these ingenious gift ideas made from fresh oranges and other citrus selections.

A Navel Idea

There are so many different ways to enjoy and appreciate anything citrus.

The zest, the oil, and the actual fruits provide us with a multitude of citrus-inspired gift options.

Here are five citrus gift ideas anyone will love.

1. Chocolate and Oranges

Citrus and chocolate? Can there be any better duo?

One of the easiest ways to win over anyone with a gift is through chocolate. Pair that chocolate with the refreshing taste of fresh oranges and this becomes the perfect gift for any citrus enthusiast.

Most of us can immediately recognize Terry's famous gold-wrapped, orange-shaped chocolate. Try spicing up this treat and really adding some zest to your citrus gift.

2. Citrus Desserts

The key to most people's heart is through their taste buds. It's no wonder that citrus desserts make amazing gifts!

An amazing gift can be created out of flour, sugar, and citrus. Any recipe that includes something sweet and tart-tasting can become a citrus crowd favorite.

When looking for a great citrus-inspired gift, baked sweets and treats are always a winner!

3. Citrus Spirits

We never want to show up at a party empty-handed.

Any etiquette guide would remind us to always bring a gift to the host or hostess of a party or gathering. Why not make that gift full of citrus spirits and a decent percent by volume?

Want to go the homemade route for a gift?

Try infusing any favorite alcoholic beverage with oranges, lemons, limes, or grapefruit.

4. Basket of Fresh Oranges and Candy

This one is always a citrus fan favorite.

Simply putting together a basket filled with citrus and candy can be the best gift on any budget. Make sure to create something that looks great and tastes great. You'll be instantly dubbed the gifting guru.

5. Citrus Essential Oils

Essential oils are becoming quite the craze.

We don't have to burn them in a diffuser to appreciate their enticing citrus scent. There are a number of ways to use these oils. Create the perfect gift of citrus with scrubs, soaps, sprays, and lotions made entirely of citrus essential oils.

Orange You Glad You Gave the Gift of Citrus?

Choosing any of the many citrus fruits available can make a perfect gift for anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Try our seasonal citrus box while its available...the Craft Citrus Club!

Our Rio box is a 15-lb curated box of our fresh-harvested citrus from South Texas. The fruit is NOT gassed, rather it is tree-ripened. Our season runs from Nov-May for oranges, grapefruit and mandarins.

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