The Lemon That Does More: How Lemons Can Clean Your Home

With their powerful acidity, here's some ways lemons can be used as an incredibly effective natural antibacterial and antiseptic juice to clean your home!

According to the American Lung Association, many cleaning products can release chemicals dangerous to your health. The good news is, there is an all-natural alternative to chemicals for cleaning your home. 

The acidity of lemons makes them an effective anti-fungal and antibacterial cleaning agent with a refreshing citrusy scent. 

Here are some effective ways that you can use lemon for cleaning in your own home today.

Vinegar and Lemon Cleanser

Vinegar is a multipurpose cleaning agent but the smell can be overwhelming and unpleasant. Infusing the vinegar with lemon rinds is a great way to harness the cleaning powers of both but with a pleasant citrus scent. 

If you're wondering how to make lemon cleaner, here is what you'll need:

  • White vinegar
  • Lemon rinds
  • Large jar
  • Spray bottle
  • Mesh strainer or cheesecloth

Place the lemon rinds in the jar and pour the white vinegar to cover them. Let the mixture steep for at least one week. 

After the time has passed, strain the lemons from the jar over the spray bottle or another container. You now have your all-natural vinegar lemon cleaning spray. 

This spray can be used on stainless steel appliances, porcelain bathroom surfaces, inside the refrigerator, and inside the microwave. 

You will not want to use this cleaner on natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, or travertine. 

Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

Another great way to use lemon for cleaning is on wooden cutting boards. To clean the surface of a wooden cutting board, slice half a lemon and spread the surface of the cut lemon all over the cutting board. 

Sprinkle coarse salt over the board and run the cut lemon over the cutting board again. Let the salt and lemon sit on the cutting board for a few minutes. Rinse the cutting board off with warm water. 

The natural acidic power of using lemon juice for cleaning cutting boards is a great food-safe option. 

Remove Lime Buildup 

Lime buildup on bath and kitchen fixtures can be a common problem. To remove this scaling, cut a lemon in half. Rub the cut lemon on the buildup of the fixture. Let the lemon juice and residue sit on the fixture for a few minutes. 

Rinse it off with warm water and a cloth. Repeat the process as necessary. 

Freshen a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can start to give off foul odors and need to occasionally be cleaned. Lemon rinds are a great solution for fixing these offensive smells.

Place a lemon rind in your garbage disposal, run the water, and turn on your disposal. Soon you'll begin to smell the refreshing lemon citrus scent, replacing those foul odors. 

Start Using Lemon for Cleaning Today

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