Tips and Tricks on How to Tell If a Grapefruit Is Ripe

Wondering how to choose delicious ripe grapefruit? Here are some valuable tips and tricks on how to tell if a Rio Red grapefruit is ripe & ready to be enjoyed.

It can take a whopping six to eight months for a grapefruit to ripen. 

Are you ready to dig into some grapefruit from your local market or store?

Before you do, though, learn how to tell if a grapefruit is ripe. That way, you won't choose under or overripe grapefruit — you'll only get a juicy, sweet treat that you grew all by yourself. 

Check the Fruit's Color

Firstly, you should inspect the exterior of your Rio Red grapefruit. 

By now, you know that the fruit's skin comes in a yellow-orange color, which gives way to deeply red-hued citrus fruit inside. 

You don't want to crack open your fruit to check the interior shade just yet. But you can have a look at the outside of your fruit to see if it's ripe. 

If your grapefruit has any green patches on its skin, the fruit is not yet ready. That means your Rio Red hasn't fully ripened. 

But if it has an all-over orange color, then it could be ready to enjoy.

Look For Imperfections

You might be delighted to see perfectly round grapefruits to choose from.

Interestingly enough, you don't want to always choose grapefruits that are perfect circles. Instead, inspect them for imperfections. Flattened sides or a more oval shape tend to indicate that the fruit has ripened up and is softer and sweeter. 

Feel the Weight Of It

A lightweight grapefruit is a sign that the citrus hasn't yet gotten juicy on the inside. And you don't want to be eating a dry piece of fruit. 

If you put your hand under your Rio Red grapefruit and feel that it has become heavier, that is usually a sign that it's ready to eat. 

Touch the Skin and Give It a Squeeze

We said your grapefruit should be a singular color on the outside and that its shape should be imperfect. 

However, the skin of your fruit should be relatively smooth. And the fruit should feel firm when you give it a squeeze. Any softness could indicate that you've left your fruit to ripen for too long, and now it has started to go bad. 

Chances are, you won't miss your ripeness window if you know how close to ripeness your grapefruits are. 

Learn How to Tell If a Grapefruit is Ripe — Then, Dig In 

After some time and experience choosing grapefruits, you'll know how to tell if a grapefruit is ripe based on intuition alone. For now, though, you have these guidelines to help you on your quest to pick a prime piece of fruit. 

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