Lemon Water for Weight Loss: How and Why it Works

Have you heard about the benefits of lemon water for weight loss? Learn how and why this works below.

Would you like lemon with your water?

Yes! The answer is always yes!

Lemons are packed full of great stuff including vitamin C, pectin, and citric acid. And getting your daily fill of these nutrients keeps you in tip-top shape.

But do lemons help you lose weight? Studies point to "yes". Incorporating lemons and lemon water into your diet helps you feel fuller and stay on track.

In this article, we'll discuss why lemon water for weight loss is a great idea. And how you can incorporate this magical fruit into your diet.

The Buzz About Lemons

Lemons reside in the "fruit and vegetable" segment of the food pyramid. Meaning, they are an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Let's take a look at why lemons and lemon water can help you reach your weight loss goals.

It Takes the "Boring" Out of Water

Water is a critical part of weight management. Over half of your body is made of water. That means you need to keep yourself hydrated if you want to stay healthy.

Often, when we feel hungry, it's actually because we need hydration. Lemons make your water less "so-so" and more "yes-yes"!

Also, when you add lemons to your water you get vitamins and nutrients as part of the deal. The nutrients in lemons help clear out toxins and get your metabolism moving.

The Vitamin C Effect

One lemon contains all of your daily vitamin C needs. And even though you probably won't eat an entire lemon, using the juice helps you get to those vitamin goals.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting the right amount of vitamin C on a regular basis:

  • Better eye health
  • Firmer, smoother skin
  • Stronger immune function
  • Better cardiovascular health

Some Other Great Ways to Use Lemons

Lemon water is one of the most common ways to use lemons in your diet. And it's super easy to make! Start with water, add lemon juice. That's it!

You can squeeze the lemon into your water or add whole slices of lemon. This keeps the rind and pulp intact. And these elements of the lemon have great vitamins and nutrients as well.

If you're a tea drinker, add lemon to your tea for an extra kick. Or use lemons when you cook. They are an incredible way to spice up roasted veggies. 

Another great tip is to make lemon ice. Create a concentrated mixture of lemon juice, water, and lemon zest. Then pour it into ice cube trays and freeze.

If you have these lemon ice cubes on hand all the time, you'll always be able to create lemon water on a hot day.

Lemon Water for Weight Loss: The Key to Success!

Using lemon water for weight loss is just one of the many natural weight loss tools available to help you reach your goals. Because lemons are a fruit, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Drinking lemon water helps you get in your daily intake of vitamin C. This vitamin is so important to your body functions. 

And putting lemon in your water gives it spark and pizzazz. You'll have no problem sticking to your water regimen if you've got lemon water on hand. 

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