Ponderosa Lemon: 5 Reasons to Try These Pomelo Citron Hybrids

What exactly is a ponderosa lemon? We reveal everything you need to know about this citrus hybrid and why you should try this delicious citrus fruit below!

Do you feel as though normal lemons are not enough? Have you ever wished you could have a lemon that's the size of a football?

That's the kind of excessive lemony goodness you'll get with a Ponderosa Lemon.

These special citrus fruits are a mix between a pomelo and a citron, but they taste like lemons. They're perfect for anyone who can't get enough of bright acidity and healthy doses of vitamin C.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes these hybrid fruits so special!

They Grow Throughout the Entire Year

A lot of plants have a period where they're out of commission and they hibernate until they come into bloom once more. It's a cycle we come to expect from all kinds of plants, from flowers to fruit trees. 

Ponderosa lemon trees are an exception to this rule. Instead of giving you one bountiful harvest per year, they continue to make fruits all year round. With a plant like this, you'll enjoy tons of fresh lemons even in the winter months.

They Make Beautiful Ornamental Trees

A Ponderosa lemon tree isn't often used for food purposes, even though the fruits are delicious. Instead, they're more often put into an ornamental role.

With the tree always growing and flowering new fruits, there's a wide variety within the large leaves of this plant. It's an interesting centerpiece to have a tree full of purple flowers, large yellow fruits, and vibrant green leaves no matter the time of year.

They're Perfect Indoor Plants

Although these plants produce fruit all year long, they're rather delicate. They don't do well in cold climates, so that makes them a good indoor decorative option.

Not only do you get something that looks beautiful throughout the year, but it also produces delicious fruits for you to enjoy.

The Fruits Grow to a Large Size

Ponderosa lemons have a fitting nickname: "the five-pound lemon". These lemons don't often grow quite that big every harvest, but they do often reach three to four pounds. They're massive when compared to regular lemon sizes.

Whenever you hold one of these lemons in your hand, you know that you're getting your money's worth.

They're Great Substitutes for Any Lemon Recipe

Although these lemons are not technically a lemon, they still taste like a traditional lemon or hybrid lemon. They have the same citrus acidity that we all love from regular lemons.

Ponderosa lemons even work as a substitute for lemons in any recipe.

Have a favorite citrus tea you make all the time? Need to make a lot of lemon pies? Skip buying ten little lemons and buy a single Ponderosa instead!

A Ponderosa Lemon Tree is a Lemon Enthusiast's Best Friend

If you know someone who loves everything lemon, then a Ponderosa Lemon makes for a perfect gift. They'll have so much lemon they won't know what to do with it all! Bright, delicious, and good for your health, these lemons are a great way to show someone you care.

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