Sippin' in the Summer Sun: The Best Citrus Cocktails for the Summer

Citrus cocktails pair perfectly with summer weather. Check out these citrus cocktail recipes to discover the best citrus cocktails to enjoy this summer!

As summer approaches, you probably fancy a summer cocktail in the garden.

If you want to enjoy some sippin' in the summer sun, you should go for a citrus cocktail. The combination of warm summer sunshine with the sweet and sour flavors of a citrus cocktail is perfect.

Here are some of the most delicious and refreshing citrus cocktails to try out this summer. Let's get started below!

1. Citrus Rye and Ginger

This is a classic drink that makes you close your eyes and wince but in a pleasant way! This is a great sharing cocktail.

Put together a jug of ice with rye and ginger ale. You can finish off the drink with a squeeze of the juice from a lime.  

2. Orange Champagne Punch Bowl

This is a citrus bonanza!

Orange, lemon, or lime? It's not always easy to determine which is your preferred choice of citrus for your cocktail.

The orange champagne punch bowl is perfect for citrus lovers who can't make up their minds. Add orange, lemon and lime juice together. Pick orange juice to comprise the bulk of the punch bowl.

Now you can decide whether you want champagne or prosecco. Both taste great. It just depends on how much you want to spend and preferences.

When you serve this cocktail in flutes or tumblers, you can garnish it with a twist of orange on the side of the glass. 

3. Limoncello Gin Martini 

Are you ready to experience an Italian summer? Imagine yourself relaxing in the warm Mediterranian sun while you sip your cocktail.

This Limoncello Gin Martini packs a zesty punch. Just mix the ingredients of lemon juice syrup and gin together in a shaker. Add ice as well.

Then, shake well and strain into a martini glass. You can decorate the cocktail after with a wedge of lemon.

4. Lemon Iced Tea Cocktail

Lemon iced tea is a wonderful and refreshing drink for the afternoon sunshine. Treat yourself by turning your ice tea into a cocktail. Before you prepare the drink, make sure to add plenty of ice!

Mix the iced tea, lemon juice, and vodka together in a shaker. Then, strain the mixture into a glass. If you can get your hands on a bottle of lemon-flavored vodka, you can add an extra citrusy flavor to the drink.  

5. Key Lime Martini 

Who doesn't love key lime pie? Well, you need to try a Key Lime Martini. It's essentially drinking your favorite dessert.

Start with the martini glass. Cover the rim of the glass with corn syrup. Mix together key lime juice with Cointreau, more syrup and thick cream.

The special ingredient in this cocktail is cake vodka. Ordinary vodka won't give the cocktail the same dessert and flavor experience.

Enjoy These Citrus Cocktails This Summer

Next time you're ready to enjoy the summer weather, remember these citrus cocktails ideas. From Key Lime Martini to Orange Champagne punch, there's something for everyone. 

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