Small Fruit, Big Rewards: 5 Kumquat Health Benefits

Kumquats may be no bigger than a grape but they're packed full of goodness. These kumquat health benefits prove once and for all that size doesn't matter.

While kumquats aren't much bigger than a grape, not many people know of the powerful kumquat health benefits. But, what exactly can this orange-resembling citrus fruit bring to your diet? 

If you're curious about how this tiny little fruit could help to boost your health, keep on reading.

Kumquat Health Benefits

There are so many amazing (yet shocking) kumquat health benefits that not many people know about.  

Helps To Protect Against Cancer

Kumquats are jam-packed with flavonoids like lutein, tannins, and carotenoids that are known to act as powerful anti-cancer properties. Flavonoids work to fight against cancer, as they help your body to remove carcinogens and fight against the growth of tumors. 

May Help To Control Diabetes

The flavonoids found in kumquats not only help to protect your body against cancer but have also been shown to help to control diabetes! Due to their high fiber content and low sugar content, types one and type two diabetics may have an easier time controlling their blood sugars.

Boost Eye Health

Yes, kumquats really can help to boost the health of your eyes! Rich in both beta-carotene and Vitamin A, these nutrients are both connected to healthy vision. Plus, Beta-carotene is actually an antioxidant that helps to fight against oxidative stress in cells, which helps to reduce the likelihood of developing cataracts. 

Encourage Weight Loss

Did you know that kumquats can even help you lose weight? These tiny little fruits are low in calories, high in water content and rich with fiber.

While they may be small, this powerful little fruit will help to keep you fuller for a longer period of time, which will help you to fight against the urge to overeat unhealthy foods.

Aids In Digestion

The biggest role that kumquats play in your body after you eat them is helping to regulate your digestion. In one serving of kumquats, there are ten grams of fiber, which helps to encourage healthy gastrointestinal tracts.

If you're struggling with constipation, bloating, or cramping, the intake of extra fiber in your diet can help to improve the health of your digestion.

Strengthen Your Bones

Kumquats are jam-packed with calcium, which makes them a great fruit to consume if you're tired of drinking milk. If you're worried about your bone health, eating a serving or two of kumquats on a daily basis can increase the calcium levels in your body, while also ensuring that your bones stay strong and healthy!

Is There Anything Kumquats Can't Do?

There are so many amazing kumquat health benefits. Plus, they're so convenient to eat, which makes them great to grab if you're someone who's always on the go. 

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