The Best Recipes For When You're Cooking with Lime Juice

Are you interested in cooking with lime juice? These are the best recipes to try out in your free time this summer to take your lime juice to the next level!

Are you on the hunt for some light and refreshing summer recipes that don't skimp on flavor?

If so, cooking with limes can be exactly what you need to spice up your life. It's easy, and delicious.

Keep reading for 5 delicious recipes when you're in the mood to try cooking with lime juice.

1. Fiesta Lime Chicken

Smokey, tangy, savory, and rich make up a killer flavor profile. If you're a fan of Applebee's fiesta lime chicken, you'll be delighted to know that you can recreate one of the best lime juice recipes at home. Keep this dish classic by serving it with a side of Mexican rice or feel free to bulk it up more with some refried beans.

2. Vegan Green Curry

Who says that eating plant-based has to be boring? If you're growing a lime tree, don't let your leaves go to waste since you can use them to create an incredible homemade curry sauce. Whether you're inviting some vegans or vegetarians over for dinner or you don't want to spend a fortune on takeout when the craving strikes, you can't go wrong with this flavorful recipe.

3. Rice Noodle & Turkey Salad With Lime-Chili Dressing

If you're worried about feeling bogged down after eating pasta, this rice noodle recipe will help you feel satisfied and re-energized. The highlight of this healthy noodle/salad fusion is the zesty lime-chili dressing. This is one of the best fresh lime recipes since it can help you use 4 limes in case you're ever worried about wasting your produce.

4. Pork With Tangy Citrus Sauce

Pork chops are notorious for being bland and rubbery. If you want to learn how to master the art of preparing juicy and flavorful pork, this recipe will impress anyone you know. The secret to its flavor is deglazing the pan with a combination of fresh orange and lime juice.

5. Lime Sorbet

With summer in full swing now, it's crucial to have some refreshing lime recipes on hand. What's more delightful than ending the perfect dinner with some homemade lime sorbet? If you've ever wondered what to make with limes when you have a sweet tooth, you'll want to keep this simple lime sorbet recipe on hand all year round.

Cooking With Lime Juice Is Easy and Tasty

With these 5 recipes, you can start cooking with lime juice like a professional chef. It may not sound like much, but even adding a little squeeze of lime on top of any meal can give it the perfect zest it needs to taste gourmet.

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