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The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Grapefruit

Did you know there are many different varieties of grapefruit? From red to pink and yellow grapefruit, learn more about the different types of grapefruit below!

Do you enjoy a juicy grapefruit? If so, you are eating well and your body thanks you. Grapefruit is low in calories but high in nutrients such as vitamins A and C.

Due to these vitamins, additional grapefruit health benefits include helping with weight loss, blood pressure, heart health, digestion, and skin. Grapefruit is rich with antioxidants so it's a good choice for people with medical conditions such as cancer and high blood pressure.

Do you know about the different types of grapefruit? If not, keep reading to find out about these unique grapefruit varieties.

Pink Grapefruit

Some people swear that pink-colored grapefruit are the best-tasting grapefruits with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The flesh is typically very juicy and not sour. 

If you are looking to lose weight, you may want to eat a pink grapefruit for breakfast. These grapefruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber. The pink color comes from beta-carotene and lycopene, and these are vital antioxidants to help your immune system.

Red Grapefruit

The red, vibrant juicy flesh of this grapefruit tastes similar to the pink grapefruit. These types of fruit are great sources of vitamin A, which can help prevent cancer. This grapefruit is smaller than the pink grapefruit and makes a great snack or item to pack in your lunch. 

If you ever wanted a grapefruit tree, you should consider a Rio Red. It's one of the tastiest and juiciest of this variety.

White or Yellow Grapefruit

This grapefruit has a pale yellow flesh. If you like tart grapefruit, this may be the variety for you. It is typically the sourest of varieties.

This fruit's intense flavor is good in juice and syrup, or you can have it for breakfast for a nutritious start to your day. 


These grapefruits may be hard to find, but if you spot them, they are the sweetest. They are typically larger than the standard grapefruit with skin ranging from pale to dark lime green. The flesh is usually yellow either pale or deep. 

There are minimal seeds. The texture of these grapefruits is typically firm, giving them a pop sensation as you eat it.


This is the largest grapefruit variety. They are about the size of a small melon and have a thick peel. 

The skin is usually pale green and the flesh is a pale yellow or pale pink. The texture is also very crispy. It is great for cooking or in salads and other delicious grapefruit recipes.

Oro Blanco

This variety is about the same size as a standard grapefruit. This grapefruit has yellowish-green skin and pale flesh. It is similar to white grapefruit in taste.

The peel is a little thicker than other grapefruits. This is also a great variety to eat right out of the peel for a healthy breakfast treat.

Find Different Types of Grapefruit

Now that you learned a little bit about the different types of grapefruit, you can start your search at your local market or grocery store to find the best type of grapefruit for you, or get your citrus fruit here straight from our grove!

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