Unusual Uses for Citrus Juice You May Not Have Heard Of

Looking for some new things to do with your citrus juice? Let's go through some unique and creative uses for your citrus juices that you can try out this summer!

There are a ton of benefits of drinking citrus juice, and if you’re lucky enough to have your own citrus trees, you’ll never have a shortage! What might happen, however, is that you end up with more fresh citrus fruit than you know what to do with.

No worries! We’ve created this round-up of some unusual citrus juice uses that you probably haven’t thought of.

Let’s get started!

1. Microwave Cleaner

Sick of having a grimy, smelly microwave? Lemon juice will take care of all your woes! Slice up two lemons and put them in a microwave-safe bowl with some water. Here's more info on how to juice lemons at home.

Set the microwave on high for three minutes, then let it stand for 10 minutes. The steamy lemon juice will loosen up any caked-on food so all you need to do is gently wipe it down with a sponge or a clean cloth. You'll be amazed by how easily it wipes off and how great it smells when you're done. 

2. Furniture Polish

Skip the toxic cleaners and make your own homemade furniture polish. Just mix 2 cups of olive oil with one cup of lemon juice and half a cup of finely chopped citrus peel. Pour it into a glass jar and shake it up.

When you’re ready to start dusting, dip a cloth in the mixture and wipe down your wooden surfaces. Then buff it dry with a clean cloth. Make sure you store your cleaning solution in a cool place so it doesn’t go bad.

3. Natural Bleach

Did you know that citric acid in lemon juice is a natural bleach? You can spritz lemon juice on your beat-up sneakers and then leave them out in the sun. You’ll be shocked by how bright and white they look when you bring them back in.

Mix equal parts water and lemon juice and spritz it on any yellowed armpit rings that have stained your white shirts. You can also add half a cup of lemon juice to your washing machine to naturally brighten up your whites.

4. Bug Repellent

Bugs hate lemon juice! You can keep them out of your home by squirting a bit of lemon juice in any cracks where bugs enter. Also spray it on your door thresholds, windowsills, and along baseboards.

Want even more insect-repelling awesomeness? Add a bit of lemon juice into the water next time you mop your floors.

Try These Awesome Citrus Juice Uses Today

Are you completely blown away by these awesome citrus juice uses? Now you can enjoy a glass of juice in the morning, eat a piece of fruit with lunch, and use these ideas to get creative with your leftovers.

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