What Can You Do With Calamondin Fruit?

You've grown some calamondin fruit. Now, what do you do with calamondins in regards to food and drinks? Continue below to learn about what you can do with calamondin fruit!

So you're a lover of tiny, charming citrus trees? 

This slightly unusual citrus tree is a cross between kumquats and mandarin oranges. This gives the calamondin fruit a slightly sour taste, but the skins a surprisingly sweet one.

Calamondin fruit isn't just nice to look at and sweet to smell. Despite its slightly sour insides, there are tons of ways to use calamondin fruit. Here are 3 fun ideas for using your calamondin fruit!

1. Make a Delicious Marmalade

This traditional British breakfast treat harkens back to more simple days. If you become good at making a real calamondin marmalade, you'll be sure to impress with your knowledge of traditional preserves.

Plus, marmalade is just fun to use and it's (as the British would say), totally "scrummy."

Calamondin fruit is perfect for making a tasty marmalade too. The fruit's skins are edible and sweet and when made well, produce a bright orange, and beautiful looking spread for your morning toast.

You can find great marmalade recipes just about anywhere, and simply adapt them to use your calamondin fruits. Voila! You've just stepped up your breakfast game.

2. Calamondin Cake or Cupcakes

Calamondin cupcakes or cake are a delicious, fresh twist on a very basic type of dessert. If you're a big fan of citrus flavors, you can use calamondin fruit to make a zippy and tasty puree for your cake.

You can combine the calamondin puree with just about any flavor of cake; feel free to be adventurous. Some flavors we recommend to combine this delicious fruit with are lemon or vanilla.

If you have other citrus plants like an indoor lemon tree, you can create a mixed puree of lemon and calamondin to add flavor to a regular cake.

Of course, you can always use the calamondin puree to mix in with your frosting mix to add a citrus zing to a chocolate cake as well.

3. Calamondin Sweet Tart or Pie

Ever had a key lime pie? Well, if you're a fan of citrus pies or tarts, you'll love calamondin sweet tarts and pies.

Once again, you apply the same method to the calamondin tart as you would a normal key lime pie.

This delicious, summery treat makes a great combination with a graham cracker pie crust or your typical tart crust. 

Just like with a key lime pie or tart, the majority of your filling will be egg yolks, with the zest and juice of your delicious calamondin fruit. Have fun finding your favorite calamondin pie recipe, and enjoy!

More Ideas for Using Calamondin Fruit

Calamondin fruit is a fun and unique taste to add a little citrus zest to everyday desserts, drinks, or dishes. You can have fun experimenting with calamondin zest in savory dishes too where you might otherwise use lemon, lime, or even orange zest.

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