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7 Amazing Ways to Use Kumquats

7 Amazing Ways to Use Kumquats

Are you wondering what to do with the fresh kumquats from your kumquat tree? Read on to learn about seven ways to use kumquats in baking, cooking and more!

They are the fun little fruit with the funny sounding name. We're talking about kumquats, a small citrus fruit with a big sweet-tangy taste.

Kumquats are indigenous to south China, but today they're grown in many parts of the world. They're in season from November through March and pack a serious nutritional punch of antioxidants, including vitamins C and A. Best of all, you don't have to peel these little orange pearls; the skin is entirely edible with a sweet taste!

If your kumquat tree is overflowing and you don't know the best way to enjoy your bounty, read on. Here are seven amazing ways to enjoy kumquats.

1. Add Kumquats to a Salad

Kumquats' sunny citrus taste will wake up your taste buds when you add them to a salad. They are the perfect balance for bitter greens such as radicchio or the licorice tasting fennel.

2. Turn Them Into Kumquat Jam or Marmalade

As a citrus fruit, kumquats are perfect for turning into jam or marmalade. A bonus is you don't have to peel and section them. Spread on bread or biscuits as part of a delightful breakfast.

3. Bake Kumquats in a Cake

Just like apples, berries, and other fruits, kumquats have their rightful place in a cake. Try an easy and moist kumquat ginger cake for a bright and beautiful cake you can enjoy with milk, tea, or coffee.

4. Roast Kumquats

Yes, you can actually roast kumquats in your oven. Cut them in half, toss them with a little bit of honey, and then roast on a parchment sheet-covered baking pan for a half hour at 325 degrees.

What can you do with roasted kumquats? They make a sweet side dish for chicken, duck, and pork.

5. Add Kumquats to Beverages

You can slice kumquats in half and add them to your favorite sweet cocktail, or even add a spoonful of kumquat marmalade to your drink. Or you can blend them whole with other citrus juices to make a kumquat puree.

Like a hint of citrus in your tea? Add one to your brewed tea instead of lemon.

6. Turn Kumquats Into Candy

The only additional ingredients you need to make sticky, gooey candied kumquats are sugar and water that gets boiled down. Store candied kumquats in a jar in the fridge, and eat them on their own or with desserts or ice cream.

7. Eat Kumquats Straight

Because their peel and pith are edible, there's perhaps no better way to enjoy kumquats then straight from the tree. Pick kumquats when they've turned completely orange. Leave any kumquats that still have green parts on the branches as these are still turning ripe.

They make a low calorie, tasty, and nutritious snack.

Kumquats Are Delicious and Versatile

As you can see, there's a lot you can do with kumquats. They make a great substitute for pretty much any other kind of citrus fruit.

Are you interested in growing your own kumquats or other citrus fruits?

Get a micro-budded, fast-growing kumquat tree for sale right here at US Citrus.

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