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Craft Citrus Club

US Citrus

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What Does US Citrus Stand for?

We want to do citrus differently. We were tired of dry, tasteless citrus fruit at the grocery store. Knowing the difference of fresh and the straight-off-the-tree experience, we wanted to get this experience available to citrus enthusiasts. Natural Vitamin C, nutraceuticals and essential oils make citrus fruit healthy, delicious, aromatic and downright magical. That's why we're so passionate to share the love of this most special fruit.

Fresh Specialty Varieties

It is much harder to ship and deliver fresh citrus fruit. You need to go straight from the tree to the consumer and cut the middlemen, which we have done.

We are bringing a choice of specialty varieties, grown on US soil. Persian lime, Key lime, Australian Finger lime, Makrut (Kaffir) lime, Italian lemon, Yuzu lemon, Bergamot lemon, Eureka lemon, Meyer lemon, N-33 Navel, Pink Lily navel, Cara Cara navel, Valencia orange, Pineapple orange, Marss orange, Rio Red grapefruit, Golden grapefruit, kumquat, calamondin, Buddha's hand, Kishu mandarin, Clementine mandarin, Depekon mandarin, Orlando tangelo, Bower's tangerine, these are some of the exotic specialty citrus we have coming soon!