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Our Texas Groves

Since 2012, US Citrus has been establishing groves in the perfect sandy loam soil of Hargill, a tiny town in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The community has rewarded us with bountiful inspiration, strengthening our citrus culture.

Citrus Memories

Moving for Citrus

Dr. Mani Skaria moves to South Texas as a research scientist at the Texas A&M Citrus Center. This is after helping develop a citrus program in the country of Jordan with USAID, and working with the apple industry at Washington State University.

Protecting Citrus and Perfecting Micro-budding

As the lead citrus pathologist of Texas, Dr. Skaria protected the Texas citrus industry by implementing the clean citrus program. He also perfects his micro-budding grafting technique. This process allows for drastically reduced land and resource use. This has allowed US Citrus to develop large-scale, cost-effective, and sustainable citrus production. For his contributions to the Texas citrus industry, Dr. Skaria is eventually made Professor Emeritus at TAMUK and wins the prestigious Pott's Award.

A New Model of Citrus Production

US Citrus is established in Hargill, TX. US Citrus quickly became the largest employer of this tiny town. There lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lime and specialty citrus groves were established. Many were the only varieties growing in the United States!

A Better Citrus Experience

After many years of tree growth, US Citrus, partnering with other small growers in the Rio Grande Valley, offers the Craft Citrus Club. A unique citrus subscription box to make the best citrus fruit available to the American consumer year-round. All fresh-harvested, tree-ripened, and based on the seasonality of the citrus!

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