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    US Citrus Trees and Fruit

    We bring the grove to your doorstep

    • Our all-natural, fast-growing citrus is made possible through micro-budding, a novel, proprietary grafting innovation by US Citrus.
    • The trees are tested to be disease-free and are certified by the USDA and the Texas Department of Agriculture to be shipped to approved areas within the country.
    • With our early-bearing citrus trees, you can expect to start having fruit buds after one full year of growth!
    • Even in colder climates, our hand-nurtured citrus trees can be covered or brought indoors, and then moved back outside when the temperatures are above 32° Fahrenheit.
    • From our groves to your home, you will enjoy the wonderful aroma of your tree’s flowers and the incredible flavors of natural, delicious citrus fruit!

    Amazing Citrus Selection

    • We have available online over a dozen varieties of citrus from our very own Texas groves. Our tireless dedication to botanical perfection means you can rest assured knowing your tree will arrive healthy and happy! Need advice on growing citrus? Check out our citrus tree care guide.

    Free Delivery to Most States

    • Federal regulations prevent us (or any other citrus grower) from shipping citrus trees to CA, FL, AZ, HI, or LA. Customers in the remaining 45 states enjoy free shipping with tracking. Citrus fruit can be shipped to every state.

    Citrus on the Cutting Edge

    • All natural and proprietary micro-budding to propagate trees, producing fruit quicker than conventionally budded citrus
    • Heavy investment in weed fabric to reduce weed growth to minimize the use of herbicides for weed control
    • 100% of our groves are drip irrigated. This system allows pest control and nutrition products to be applied to the root in limited quantities.
    • We specialize in the minimum application of pesticide via expertise in pest and disease management, encouraging biocontrol strategies, and use of organic-approved products (OMRI).
    • Our disease control strategies are formulated by a Ph.D. citrus pathologist and a Ph.D. entomologist
    • Our fruit packing will incorporate all natural, organic-way practices in our own modern packinghouse (soon to be complete).

    Our founder

    Dr. Mani Skaria of US Citrus

    • We love letting our customers know that US Citrus was founded by a veteran citrus scientist and a professor (retired) from the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Citrus Center.
    • Micro-budding is a novel citrus propagation technique developed by Dr. Mani Skaria in 1997. 
    • He is the recipient of the prestigious Pott’s award, recognizing outstanding scientific contribution and service to the citrus industry of Texas.
    • The micro-budding process begins with rootstock, a small piece of an existing plant, that is germinated in a controlled environment.
    • Buds from desirable mother trees are then hand-grafted onto the rootstock. In less than 6 months, the buds have sprouted and are ready to be planted.
    • The trees we send from our groves in Hargill, Texas are exactly the same ones we use for our citrus groves to produce our fruit.

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    All-natural, fast-growing citrus trees and fruit shipped to your door!

    The US Citrus Blog

    Visit our citrus blog for experienced insight into growing healthy citrus trees and fruit.