5 Refreshing Kumquat Cocktails to Try Today

Fresh kumquats are sweet, sour, and they make for a great cocktail. Check out these 5 delicious kumquat cocktails below. Add them to your drink menu today!

Classy cocktails are a breeze when you have an all-star ingredient as your theme. Kumquat cocktails are an exotic addition to any drink menu. 

The trick to finding the right recipe is knowing the purpose of each ingredient. Check out this list of five refreshing kumquat cocktails to try right now. 

1. Kumquat Martini Smash

The perfect dinner cocktail adds its own unique personality to the flavor mix. The Kumquat Martini Smash is a blend of fresh cilantro, gin and simple syrup for a dry, yet flavorful treat.

Muddle sliced kumquats with the cilantro and simple syrup in a shaker. Add gin, vermouth, and bitters along with ice to chill. 

Strain the mixture into a martini glass. A salt or sugar rim is optional. 

2. Frosted Kumquat Martini

Kumquats don't have time to make juice. They're just not that kind of fruit.

The best way to enjoy the sweet and sour pulp of the juice-free kumquat is to blend it into a smooth cold drink. The Frosted Kumquat Martini is the perfect choice for a party since it can be made by the pitcher.

Take 12 kumquats, two shots of Gran Marnier and two shots of vodka and blend with ice cubes. The pitcher of frozen martini can be kept in the freezer if made ahead.  

3. Lavender Kumquat Margarita

Add a relaxing herb to a cocktail and it suddenly feels therapeutic. The Lavender Kumquat Margarita is a healthy blend of class and relaxation.

The easiest way to make this cocktail is using lavender simple syrup. It can be purchased off the shelf at a liquor store or online.

Mix the pulp of your kumquats with Cointreau and tequila to make the margarita. If you prefer fresh lavender flowers, consider letting them soak in the tequila before adding them to the mixture. 

Add agave to taste if you prefer sweeter fruit cocktails

4. Tangerine Kumquat Cocktails

Tangerine Kumquat cocktails are a must-have for anyone who likes citrus. This burst of tangy flavor pairs well with a gourmet seafood dinner.

The fresh juice from a tangerine is best enjoyed right away so avoid making this drink ahead or attempting it for a group. To make, juice 6 tangerines and mix with the pulp of 6 kumquats.

Add the juice, two shots of vodka and ice to a shaker and blend. If the mixture is too bitter, use a simple syrup to balance. 

Use sliced kumquats as a colorful garnish. 

5. Kumquat Rose Cocktail

If you're looking for a cocktail that's sure to impress your guests, the Kumquat Rose cocktail is your best move. This recipe combines Lillet Rose with kumquat-infused gin for a sophisticated mixed drink.

The kumquat-infused gin should be made at least 24 hours ahead by combining kumquats, gin and kosher salt. Use a sterilized jar with a tight seal to allow the flavors to combine.

Combine two ounces of the infused gin with one ounce of Lillet Rose per cocktail. 

Finding the Right Mix

Kumquat cocktails offer recipes for almost any occasion. You can dress up the drink for a romantic dinner or find recipes that can be made in large batches.

The options are only as limited as your commitment to muddle. For instance, check out these other delicious citrus cocktail recipes.

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